May 24 2007


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Lifeboat was probably Tallulah’s best movie.

I’ve had a bad day. For one thing, I realized I’m probably not going to be able to get a room for my trial because it’s on the Friday after Memorial Day. Even if all the rooms aren’t booked, it will cost a fortune. Check-out time is noon or so, and the trial is 1:30. Which means in order to leave my bags in the room I will have to get a room Saturday. Memorial day marks the official start of the season. Most of the motels cease offering weekly rates, and the rates skyrocket on the weekends.

I got up and walked out on Robert today. It’s about the same problem everyone has with him. Additionally, he stated I was to be arraigned June 1st, and that’s not the situation. And I never indicated otherwise to anyone. They saw my paperwork. It says ARRAIGNMENT on it in capital letters on the upper right corner. The paperwork was essentially a receipt of what transpired. And it said ARRAIGNMENT on it. But it’s my fault…

…I just don’t know.

And in addition to everything else it looks like the flying monkeys are working themselves up to goading WAMM to do me in. Not that I’m aware they need any goading.

But now they’re starting the “if they’re not WAMM members they’re not legitimate marijuana patients” mantra. Or war chant.

It’s been made clear to me from the start that WAMM only accepts terminal patients. And it’s been that way for 11 years I guess.

Since it’s come up and I’m to be pummelled because I’m not a member of WAMM, I decided to call them today to get on their list. That’s how I understand it works, they have a waiting list. Well, they didn’t know what list I was talking about, and then asked if I’d received a packet. Well, no I hadn’t.

I asked them what they meant by terminal patients and they replied “exactly what it says”. When pressed they replied, “Two years to live.”

I don’t know. I’m not sure how I’d feel about being captain of a life boat I couldn’t get in.

Looking over their website, under research, they tout two things: One, their strains, and two, their work with Jeffrey Jeffries – a bi-polar medical marijuana patient.

Now, I’m certain he wasn’t diagnosed with only two years to live. And neither was Valerie Corral. If I’m not in jail when the packet arrives in the mail I guess I’ll apply and see what happens.

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