May 07 2007

I shall go home and make étouffée

Posted by J. Craig Canada in JFK Murder

I was into the final lap of The Randolph Family Tree (just finished the Carters and the Lees) when I overheard behind me a dicussion about Kennedy.

They said Hunt had died and made a deathbed confession. And that he implicated LBJ, and others.

I had to see who was speaking, and blurted out I was in third grade when it happened, as I remembered the shock and numbness of that time. I didn’t really understand it then, but looking back I can see that the music died that day. Hope died.

They said Rolling Stone was the only major media to carry the story (I couldn’t find it on their website) which appears to have broken May 1.

One thing that really struck me, and something I never before knew…

First Lady Jackie Kennedy always suspected LBJ, from the day of her husband’s death. Late in the day of November 22nd, she stood by at LBJ’s swearing in as President, still wearing the pink dress stained with the President’s blood. When asked by reporters why she did not change, she replied, “I want them to see what they have done to my husband.”

From Associated Content

I suspect, among old families, wearing a blood-stained dress would be as clear a statement as a flashing neon sign, at a coronation.

Especially Scotch/Irish ones.

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