May 27 2007

Code of Silence

Posted by J. Craig Canada in tickets

I’ve been blabbering in the local newspaper’s forums the past couple of days.

I should know better.

The only excuse that comes to mind is I must be a masochist.

I’ve been accused of not knowing when to keep my mouth shut, which is why no one ‘in the movement’ will help me.

And I found myself thinking about that this afternoon after Cynthia Matthews walked by. The guy who plays flute on the street had just told me he got $120 for ‘excessive noise’ last night. And I had just told him I got a $92 for sleeping. And we were talking about how it’s Memorial Day, the beginning of the season, and how they use that as an excuse to fleece the poor.

And Cynthia Matthews walked by, and when I saw her I had to yell, “He got a $120 ticket yesterday. And I got a $92 ticket last week.”

She barely started.

But I’m sure ignoring people is second nature to her by now.

There is a ‘code of silence’, an unwritten rule that you can’t say anything bad about anyone on your side. It’s part of the ‘us against them’ mentality the drug war creates. And it seems to me it protects the bad guys a lot more than it does the good guys.

The bad guys get to use patients as a front to deal drugs and nobody says anything because they need their medicine. And this also enables them to eliminate the competition and get away with all sorts of crimes.

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