Apr 24 2007


Posted by J. Craig Canada in Twelve Step Groups

I’ve been hearing that all my life.

And there’s always been someone who thinks its their destiny to do something about it.

I sleep on the concrete, in my clothes (which I haven’t changed for days). My life is a miserable wreck. I am harassed constantly, and informed every time I turn around that nobody wants me and every body would just be happier if I would go away.

But I’m spoiled.

I guess I just haven’t hit bottom yet.

Hitting bottom means you give up whatever it is and join the twelve-step cult and go through Hell (if necessary, and it is generally mandatory) if necessary not to do whatever it is.

And it is a religion. A religion of abstinance and denial. A religion where moderation is a slippery slope and a glass of wine or two with dinner _every_ night is abuse.

And it is a state religion.

Here in the good ole U.S. of A. founded by those seeking freedom from religous persecution.

The courts essentially force ‘drug offenders’ into cults, called twelve-step groups.

So, it has been decided I am spoiled.

And I haven’t suffered enough.

And the foundation upon which this stupendous pronouncement is based? Because I prefere to endure all this rather than be without cannabis, my medicine.

It’s not because my life without it, even indoors, even housed, even with a home, would be less bearable. No, it’s because I’m spoiled. I haven’t suffered enough. I haven’t hit bottom. And all those dozens and scores of others that have taken it upon themselves all my life to teach me real suffering, and real obedience, and force me to hit a real bottom, over and over and over and over – they all don’t exist, or didn’t know what they were doing, or just didn’t hurt me bad enough.

Oh yeah, I’m spoiled.

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