Apr 11 2007

Smokers, the new niggers

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I really don’t like (or relish) doing these blogs.

They’re something I force myself to do. And Loretta mentioned a way that she makes money blogging, but in order to qualify you have to have 20 blogs in 90 days.

It’d rather be working on my genealogy. I’m about 1/3 through entering The Randolphs of Virginia into my genealogy database and I find it far more satisfying and interesting. I have two cousins that married Randolphs, and it looks like I could be related to most of them. I also hope to incorporate Doster, Howe, Withers, Crockett, Ball, Lee, and Washington genealogies. Cousins have married into all these families and I have a hunch that between my mother and father’s lines I am related to them all, and it’s just a matter of getting all the data assembled and all the connections connected.

There’s also Loretta’s entry I need to finish, and J.E.B. Stuart’s, though I have all the Who’s Who entries cited and sourced. I’ve added pictures of my grandfather with his cows, and he and my grandmother when they were younger. And I’ve also got Timothy Powys-Lybbe’s database to add.

I do believe if I have the time to incorporate the above data into my database the result will be truly astonishing.

But it’s noon now, half past actually, and the first chance I’ve had to use my computer today. And I will only be able to use it for a few hours.

Robert has his HUFF meetings this morning and I’d planned to be there, and got there half an hour early, but left in disgust when I realized I was going to have to stand out in the god damned rain to smoke.

Smokers are truly the new niggers. In Santa Cruz there are zones. You can’t smoke within 40 feet of a bus stop. You can’t smoke 20 feet from a door. Well I’m fucking sorry, I left my tape measure at home and I refuse to stand in the damn rain to smoke.

Go To Hell Damn You!!!

I hate this world. I sometimes think it’s because I’m from the South where there’s a tradition of hospitality, and accomodation. But I hear they’re just as bad. It’s illegal to smoke in the parks now. And, unless you own your residence, you can’t even smoke in your own damn home.

They’ve made it impossible to do anything BUT smoke when you smoke and then whine that smokers are unproductive. Being homeless makes it doubly maddening. I think of all the time I could be doing something besides STANDING in the most uncomfortable place imaginable, unable to do anything but SMOKE.

You can’t sit at your desk and smoke any more. You must get up and go outside and stand in the rain, while all the non-smokers smirk at you and giggle.

As I told them this morning at the meeting, you really know how to treat people like niggers here.

And if you’re homeless, such as myself…

I had to leave the meeting. Robert asked about reports from the street, and he seemed interested in my being rousted last Thursday (the day after the court appearance). In fact, he was so interested in telling me what I should have done that I never did get to tell him what I had done and what did happen.

I got fed up with it and left.

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