Apr 02 2007

Santa Cruz, One Big Lie


For any of you that think Santa Cruz is some sort of haven or sanctuary for medical marijuana patients, or anyone, think again.

It is a tawdry, expensive, rip-off.

I’ve been homeless here over two years now. I didn’t come here homeless. Nor was I destitute. Not like I am now.

My experience coming to Santa Cruz as a medical marijuana patient seeking sanctuary is that they have done everything, and I mean everything, to separate me from my medicine. Instead of support I have been called an addict, harassed, and literally thrown out in the streets because I will not give up my medicine.

I have been sleeping on the sidewalks, in the parks, and under bushes for over two years now.

And, by the way, sleeping is illegal in Santa Cruz, between 11 at night and 8 in the morning, I believe. And so is a whole host of other things. I’ve given up trying to keep track of them all. Writing on the sidewalk with chalk is illegal. Sitting on a planter is illegal. Sitting anywhere more than 15 minutes is illegal. Covering up with a blanket is illegal. They have a “NO LOITERING” sign at the homeless ‘shelter’.

Some shelter.

Rooms (a single shitty room in some decrepit old motel) are $600/month. And what with the University and some 25,000 students, they don’t need the poor, so they just run them out of town. After stealing every last thing they have, of course.

WAMM has been run out of town.

The Passion Flower Inn has been run out of town.

And their Office of Compassionate Use and their ordianances have all the veracity of Annette with her perfectly teased hair on that surfboard in that movie all those years ago. The fact is, the water is so cold that around here she would have died of hypothermia before they finished shooting if she was really in the water. And even down South she couldn’t have stayed in the water long enough to catch a wave without a wetsuit. The water here is FREEZING cold 365 days a year.

What the city council really did here, with their “Office of Compassionate Use” ordinance, is to promise the federal government they wouldn’t do anything until the federal government says it’s ok.

And instead of support I have been thrown out in the streets, after they essentially forced me to run up a $6,000 bill staying in motels.

Everybody tells me this really was a nice place once upon a time, before the earthquake. They say after the quake all this money came in from Silicon Valley and bought up everything. And these dot.com millionaires are anything but kind and liberal. They are the meanest, nastiest, most self-centered, most prejudiced assholes I have ever seen.

And keep in mind, I’m from Alabama, and I fled that place hoping to find something better in California. So when I say that I’m not just blowing smoke.

But here in Compassion Central, compassion is $400/ounce (at least). And if you can’t afford that, you’re a bum and have no right to be here.

That is the real Santa Cruz. It’s all about money. Pure and simple.

The real Santa Cruz is a bunch of rich profiteers growing up in the hills, and laundering the profits through storefronts in town. Their only use for patients or medical marijuana is to use them/it as a defense if they get busted.

Santa Cruz is not compassion central. It is morally bankupt. And their unofficial motto is, “If you don’t like it you can leave.”

That woman who told me to GET OUT OF HERE at Valley Charity was telling the truth. She told me they would let me die in the streets and she was right. So, if you support medical marijuana, or if you’re a patient seeking ‘sanctuary’ don’t come here. It will cost you everything you have. And then when you find yourself in the streets, dazed, hurting, and confused, they will call you an addict and tell you that unless you give up your medicine you can die in the streets for all they care.

That is the real Santa Cruz.

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