Apr 17 2007


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Well, it was a lousy day. Beginning with being heckled this morning during my morning medication.

More heckling online at the Sentinel Forums. And more when I got to Green Way this afternoon. They banned me, as I expected. And blamed me, as I expected.

Their excuse was that I had been disrespectful. And then the security guard began preaching a sermon about how if I couldn’t maintain and be respectful I wasn’t welcome. I responded that I was the one that wasn’t treated with respect but if I told him what happened he would probably end up telling me to leave.

He just continued with his harangue about how if I couldn’t be respectful I wasn’t welcome there.

I told him he was harassing me and went to get the tape recorder that Robert gave me, and told him I wanted to get this on tape, would he say it again.

And he told me I could leave. Go over to Sampson’s store. Which I did. Where it is $400 an ounce. No discounts for anybody. But it doesn’t look like they kief it either, at least. That won’t last me a week.

And it’s going to be a lot of fun June first after being harassed for almost two months, much of the time without medicine, after having been taken to the cleaners and tossed out in the street and spat upon here in Compassion Central.

The best I can figure I’m just too open, honest and my lack of shame is downright disrespectful.

And I get tired of being told to shut up and go to the back of the bus everytime I turn around.

I hear the armory closed the 15th, a couple of days ago. And there are lot’s more people sleeping where-ever they can.

I’ve spent nearly the entire day getting medicine and doing laundry. It’s almost sunset now. I was lucky to get a seat at one of the wireless cafes. It’s warm. There’s a drought. When I feel perky enough to quip I tell them to enjoy the drought, at least it seems god is on my side. But the fact is I’m 52 years old. I am old. I am sick. And I am so very very tired. I don’t expect to live much longer, and I expect to die homeless, penniless, and up to my eyebrows in debt thanks to all the help I’ve received here.

Yes, let’s talk about respect.

I ran across my 2nd cousin Edward Maria Wingfield’s A Discourse on Virginia, with which he succesfully defended himself after being deposed as President of Jamestown. I haven’t read it yet but I have the 15-page discourse online under his entry in my genealogy and I’m thinking maybe I should. It does seem to me we had similar problems. And probably for similar reasons.

And speaking of genealogy, it appears I was too quick to add J.E.B. Stuart to my cousin collection. Actually it is Flora Cook’s ancestry that is suspect. If you care about what all this is about, take a look at Flora Cook’s entry.

And you have yourself a diddley-bop lovely day now.

Ya hear?

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