Apr 07 2007


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I got a motel room Tuesday and Wednesday to be sure of making the court apperance Wednesday, and have a place to put my stuff.

As it turns out, I really needed a room. I had spent the morning getting my mail and going to Greenway, and it was well into the afternoon by the time I got the room. I was feeling sick, with chills, so I lay down. After a couple of hours I was really sick, and had severe diarrhea. Eventually, I tried to throw up, with ‘great’ success. I thought I must have eaten a bad hot-dog at 7-11. I was weak and drained the next day, with no appetite but I felt better. But yesterday and today I’ve felt quesy, though unable to vomit, I tried several times. And I have NO appetite, which is very unusual for me. Alarming, actually.

I had a bagel and cream-cheese this mornig and just ordered a Ceaser salad, which I am going to have to force myself to finish.

I still have diarrhea, four days later.

I was told I was not entitled to a lawyer or jury trial by the judge. This is incorrect and not in compliance with the law, according to Kate Wells, who has agreed to represent me on the 1st of June to make sure I get a public defender.

I was out of the court room in half an hour, and so went by Robert’s meeting. He was on the front page of the paper: Judge rules Nazi salute too disruptive for public venue.

The paper doesn’t make it clear that this was a request for a rehearing. And the reporter did not interview Robert’s attorney, Kate Wells. I know this because Robert, Kate and I got together that afternoon.

It’s been half an hour now I’ve been trying to get this Ceaser salad down. I’m having to force myself to eat. This has me really worried.

I’ve been sleeping on a porch behind the Senior Center here. One of it’s advantages is that the wood is a LOT softer than concrete. But last night one of the neighbors called the police and they told me to leave.

I had a fit. I was sick. I had been looking for a place to lie down for an hour and had just lain down. I really needed to lie down. The police left before I did, so I stayed and tried to sleep. They didn’t give me a ticket either.

By the time they left I was escalated, screaming “Rot In Hell” into the night. I must have cried for an hour.

At least it’s been a drought winter, remarkably dry. I like to tell people it’s because god’s on my side.

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