Apr 08 2007

“Leave It”

Posted by J. Craig Canada in city council, Santa Cruz, Smoking & Public Use, surfing

I thought today was going to be a better day. I managed to get down most of a pizza yesterday, and felt better this morning. I wasn’t queasy. And I was hungry. The Walnut Street Diner smelled good and I would really have liked an omelette, but with the way those people looked at me and the thought of going in there with my bag on a Sunday morning, I forgot about the omelette.

Besides, I needed cigarettes. And I would have to walk across town to get them. I can only assume this is because the Santa Cruz City Council spent their precious time coming up with things to do to make smokers miserable and impress upon them that they are second class citizens.

I know that sounds crazy, but they take their zoning very seriously here in Santa Cruz and while I don’t know this for a fact, I’ll bet somewhere in that quagmire of ordinances there is one that limits the number of stores that can sell cigarettes in a particular zone.

I had breakfast/lunch/dinner at a Chinese Buffett. Thirteen dollars.

I had to stop and rest on the way back to town. There were no benches, and I was getting burned having been out in the sun all morning, six hours or more.

I sat down in front of the post office to roll a joint. And before I had begun a policeman strolled up and tried to intimidate me. So I pulled out my folders of paper-work, slammed them down on the sidewalk, and proceeded to roll on them. Before the policeman had left some leech comes up, sits down, and crows, “He dude! Smoke a joint with me.” And sat there, refusing to leave, even after I asked to be left alone. I had to get up and leave to smoke my joint.

The zipper on my computer bag broke when I tried to zip it up after putting the folders of documents back in it. And the leech sat there and laughed as I began to tremble in rage while struggling to close my computer bag and get away from them.

It’s Easter Sunday and the office supply store in town, the only place I know of nearby where I can get another bag, is closed. Should I go out to the mall, only to discover everything is closed there as well?

This place is becoming more and more like Alabama every day.

The sad old homeless man that sits at the first table in the library every day just started snoring. Well, at least he can get some sleep in the library, poor thing.

I was going to write about the local dog-owners and their charming custom of screaming “Leave It” to encourage their dogs to bark at people who look a certain way. Do they really think the dogs don’t know that some people are ‘its’ and some aren’t? I never heard “Leave It” before, and I would personally like to spit in the face of whoever started such an unAmerican and unethical practice. It’s not all that different than how they used to train bloodhounds in the South.

Now, if it were just blacks, or any other minority these dog owners were screaming “Leave IT” at you better believe there would be an uproar, and lawsuits, and a whole bunch of hullabaloo. But when it’s just the poor, nobody cares.

Well, my recommendation to anyone that thinks this is somewhere they might want to go is LEAVE IT. Out at the beach they have this statue of a surfer (the great local hero O’Neil) in swimtrunks in front of a surfboard.

Now, this is the guy who is a local hero because he created a surfing wet-suit, which enables surfers to tolerate the freezing cold water here long enough (maybe) to ride a wave. Like he’d ever be in that water wearing only swim-trunks. Like anyone ever would. Like anyone ever COULD.

As I’ve said before, Santa Cruz is just one big lie. And the way they’re going they are going to be just like Alabama. Fact is, they’re even worse. At least in Alabama the bigots are honest enough to own their bigotry.

Here, they just shoot the messenger. And to Hell with the 1st Amendment, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the soul of the nation. What does any of that have to do with their bottom line? And, as I said before, the bottom line in Santa Cruz is money. Nothing else matters. Which probably goes a long way toward explaining why they end up having to pay 5 times as much for half of what everyone else gets.

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