Apr 15 2007

Compassion the Green Way

Posted by J. Craig Canada in greenway, laptop

The situation continues to deteriorate here in Santa Cruz.

I didn’t make it to Green Way Wednesday to get my schwag bag. I decided to ‘lose’ a day of compassion (schwag bag) and wait until Thursday. I was just too tired to make the trek over there. It’s over two hours. Doesn’t matter whether you walk or take the bus. Takes about 2 and a half hours. All morning. Or all afternoon.

You see it was several weeks ago I went there on Monday for a compassion bag after getting one the previous Wednesday, after not getting one the Monday before. And they told me they were doing me a favor as it had been less than 7 days since I got the previous bag. Whatever. So I went on Wednesdays. And instead of a 1/4 ounce a week they suddenly started out giving 1/8s. And then instead of bud they started giving out schwag. Mostly seeds and stems. The kind of stuff that gives you a headache. And a sore throat.

But it’s better than nothing and I can’t afford to buy the good stuff. I’m sleeping on the sidewalk. Remember?

Well, when I went in Thursday I bought an eighth, and then asked for a compassion bag. And they told me they didn’t give them to people that bought something but I could come back tomorrow. When I told them I was disabled, sleeping on the sidewalk, and it was a two-hour trip they didn’t care and told me I could come back tomorrow.

I couldn’t help screaming “ROT IN HELL” in the parking lot after whoever that asshole with the dark hair is muttered “He doesn’t deserve compassion” as I was leaving.

I haven’t been back.

So they have obviously accomplished their goal.

Thing is, I probably can’t purchase it cheaper anywhere else.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Here in Compassion Central, I’ve got till the end of the month to get my stuff out of the founder and former director of Homeless Services house. Not that I ever expect to see any of it again. It’s probably already water-logged or something. Probably already destroyed.

It’s all in the Sentinel Forums: GO TO HELL!!!

I’m trying to write in Pergolesi and several people with a child just came in and the child was screaming. This woman laughed and said she had a two-year-old and this was where she came to have her space. Seems they were totally oblivious. She was sitting there with a computer trying to concetrate. And I butted in with, “…trying to have your space?” and she laughed and kinda put her hand up as the child lunged toward her…and the child’s parents laughed as the child screamed and distrubed everyone. And I said something, and everyone decided I was very rude I guess.

I wish I had somewhere else to go. I said something like, “Oh yea, it’s really amusing to disturb people that are trying to work.”

Oh well, I got lots of other grief going on but I’ve had enough for one day.

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