Apr 26 2007

Take a letter

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Following is a letter (an email actually) I sent to the Santa Cruz City Council today. RE: Discrimination and Abuse by Greenway and SCPC In short, I had to raise a stink in public to get a discount from Greenway. A 25% discount. I am disabled, my only income is Social Security Disability. I am Continue reading →

Apr 24 2007


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I’ve been hearing that all my life. And there’s always been someone who thinks its their destiny to do something about it. I sleep on the concrete, in my clothes (which I haven’t changed for days). My life is a miserable wreck. I am harassed constantly, and informed every time I turn around that nobody Continue reading →

Apr 22 2007

Too Much

That, in a nutshell, describes what it is to be bi-polar. You’re always too much. Always either too high or too low. It didn’t impress me so much to be too much for Alabama. Or most of the other places I lived. And the fact was, it doesn’t seem I was too much for New Continue reading →

Apr 18 2007

You Can’t Fight City Hall

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It’s about 4pm and the first chance I’ve had to use the internet. I could have this morning, there was about an hour before Robert’s meeting after I had walked about an hour to town. I did get coffee, but instead watched the coverage of the Virginia Massacre, and the murder of the Baptist Preacher Continue reading →