Mar 14 2007

The day after the 13th

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I just noticed yesterday was the thirteenth.

Nothing happened. Hopefully it won’t.

I kept to my usual schedule, which is to use the internet as long as I can, and then find a place to sleep. I called Robert, and Cagey. I hung up on Robert, and he bought me breakfast this morning. Valerie called me back. They were having their homeless group meeting this morning anyway, and I had to walk practically past there to get to town (i.e., somewhere I can use the wireless).

Robert gave me a ride to Greenway and back to town after, where they gave me a decent eigth. Not enough to get me through the week, but at least it’s a decent quality.

Valerie should be calling soon to let me come by and clean up. And while I’d much rather be working on my genealogy (I decided to look at who Joseph Howe’s children married, and their childred) I thought I’d make an entry here.

For one thing, the police did come, and were trying to be nice. There are a number of reasons I’m concerned about this. For instance, someone told me the other day that the police were looking into a murder investigation. The person was screaming about me looking at them, and the fact is I didn’t have a clue they were yelling at me at first.

The sped up on a bike, started screaming, and I thought they were screaming at a couple walking down the street near me at first.

I thought quite a bit before calling the police. And my first thought was they wouldn’t bother to come. But they did come. And it’s entirely possible they were going out of their way to be nice.

The guy screamed a lot of things at me. That I was a ‘snitch’ was his main theme. And the best I could figure, he thought since I could smoke cannabis on the street I must be an informant. So I told him I was a medical marijuana patient, and he screamed I was a fraud.

And he screamed I was a pig and a fag. And I’m sure I left something out but you get the idea.

You see, some months ago this guy cut in front of me in the line for dinner at Elm Street. I knew better than to object, but I just can’t stand in line for nearly an hour and then not get a bit irritated when someone just steps in front of me.

So he threatened me. And someone at the church asked me how I was and I replied I would be better if I weren’t being threatened…

…so he has threatened me, and screamed I’m a ‘snitch’ every time he has seen me. For months. Hoping to cause what just occurred, and worse. He’s been hoping to incite someone to beat the crap out of me.

Well, the weather has been spectacular for the past week. An unusually dry winter. A drought, practically.

I have an arraignment on the 20th for two sleeping tickets, and had intended to move to have the other two (only one of which has hit the system so far), out of Baskett’s court on Robert’s advice. They want to make a federal case out of it. I’m not particularly interested in that. For one thing, I know what I’m in for – years and years of crap.

But I didn’t ask for all this intrusion into my life and it is unconstitutional and unAmerican. And it’s just plain wrong.

I really had rather be working on my genealogy. And considering I could be put in jail I intend to spend most of my time working on it. I seem to be genealogy poor, and if I can ever compile all the information available on my relations it will be truly astonishing.

It’s funny, I was thinking how, when I was growing up, people would speak of going to California to find themselves. In Alabama, in the 60s, that didn’t make any sense to me. But the fact is, I am finding myself. I grew up with a sense of deep roots and being from a respected family. And I have a memory (that may be a false memory) of grand-uncle Richard (who was a minister in Richmond) coming to visit with a book which must have been The Family of Hoge. I remember them asking me if I had any interest in the old pioneer families, to which I replied “no”.

So then they told me about Knights and Princes, and I scoffed. Me? Not possible. And promptly forgot about it.

But the book had the most unusual front and back pieces, which I will never forget. If you could see more detail, you would see that there is a name on every leaf of that tree.

And the book had blank pages, for the continuing story to be continued.

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