Mar 13 2007

Screw Santa Cruz.


It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted an entry. I decided to take a couple of days to work on the format of my genealogy, and the next thing I know, a couple of weeks have gone by.

I’ve received several email from long-lost cousins, some of whom have web-sites and entire missing branches of my genealogy.

Life continues to be pretty miserable, though I no longer have the $74/month storage fee. Nor do I have the $500/month advance hanging over me anymore. And I still have credit.

Pretty good I think, for being homeless for two years.

It took all day today to do laundry and visit the pot store. The trip to Harvey West took 3 hours instead of two because the bus driver drove off (rather than wait ten seconds for me) when I was about 10 yards from the door of the bus.

I’ve seen them do it to other people, but it’s the first time for me.

I was in the square by the museum yesterday and took a photo, and had intended to put it on the local newspaper’s forum’s website under the topic “what’s wrong with this picture?”. Locals might or might not notice they’ve take all the benches out.

One of the downtown inhospitality guides tried to intimidate me the other day when I was sitting on a bench on pacific medicating. I know I was sittin there smoking a bowl, and she told a kid who was sitting on the sidewalk across the street to move. He was sitting in the shade.

He also worked in the shop across the street and was on break.

After being inhospitable to him, it was my turn. She walked up to me and told me I couldn’t smoke pot on the street, it was illegal, and she didn’t want me to get a ticket. I told her to go to hell. I told her a few other things, like how they have 10,000 transitional housing spaces in town and not one for medical marijuana patients.

I have an arraignment for sleeping coming up on the twentieth. (I should check the date, I’m sure they’ve changed it.) I have two more coming up I need to deal with.

Ms. Inhospitalitiy wouldn’t tell me her last name. When I asked her who she was all she would tell me was ‘Jeanie’.

The petty annoyances continue. And they’re enough to drive you crazy. Like when I made a special trip to Greenway last Mondy to get a compassion bag and they told me that they were doing me a favor because 3 weeks ago I got one on Wednesday rather than Monday (2 days later than I normally get one). And then the following Monday it hadn’t been 7 days. The Monday before yesterday was the 2nd Monday. I didn’t bother to ask yesterday.

Some compassion.

I got so mad I didn’t buy anything there but went to Sampson’s shop, where things cost about twice as much.

Any money I save by not having to pay storage or interest charges on a $500 advance will go to the ‘compassion’ club.

The crackdown on the homeless continues. Yesterday there was a front-page article about business owners not wanting a self-cleaning toilet downtown because they didn’t want to deal with the people it would ‘attract’.

Can you believe it?

This is truly a fucked up town.

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