Mar 18 2007


Posted by J. Craig Canada in Genealogy, greenway, missions, sentinel

I posted on the local newspaper’s forum about discovering one 4th cousin is a 6 time pulitzer prize winner and another was editor, in various capacities, at the New York Times. And after reading the responses found I needed to smoke two or three times as much as I normally do. Which meant I wouldn’t have enough to get me through the weekend. So I spent the afternoon walking to the pot store and back to town,

I decided to try Santa Cruz coffee shop, since I wanted to use the internet. They have everything but a restroom, so I left my full coffee sitting on the table and went to Pergolesi.

I was able to sleep ‘late’ today, so I got to the Clock Tower about 11. They were settng up for food and I would have eaten – they had potatoe salad and hot-dogs, and the potatoe salad looked good – except the girl who’s boyfriend assaulted me the other day to the point I called the police was one of the people serving, and her friends seemed to be the ones volunteering.

Thinking about things, I can’t help but wonder if Coonerty is allowing them to sleep in front of his store if they harass certain people, and other homeless in general.

There were four benches in Abbott Square, next to the museum. Now there are none. And a LuLu’s coffee shop is going in where the museum gift-shop once was. Is Abbott square to become private space?

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