Mar 22 2007

Take II

I didn’t get in the courthouse yesterday and I threw a fit. I’m not particularly proud of it, and if my 10th great grand-mother did that I can see why they drowned her. I think it was the attitude of the sheriffs that set me off more than anything else. But they told me I Continue reading →

Mar 18 2007


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I posted on the local newspaper’s forum about discovering one 4th cousin is a 6 time pulitzer prize winner and another was editor, in various capacities, at the New York Times. And after reading the responses found I needed to smoke two or three times as much as I normally do. Which meant I wouldn’t Continue reading →

Mar 17 2007

Putting on aires

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Shortly after I woke up this morning I was barked at. And whoever’s dog it was, they didn’t call it but allowed it to bark at me for about 15 minutes. And then, just before I left maintenance showed up and told me they didn’t want to see me there anymore. I responded that that Continue reading →

Mar 14 2007

The day after the 13th

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I just noticed yesterday was the thirteenth. Nothing happened. Hopefully it won’t. I kept to my usual schedule, which is to use the internet as long as I can, and then find a place to sleep. I called Robert, and Cagey. I hung up on Robert, and he bought me breakfast this morning. Valerie called Continue reading →