Feb 12 2007

Still Hangin’ On


I can’t remember here if I mentioned I tilted my accounts or not, but I did. We had a storm coming, a cold one; freezing temperatures and pouring rain for days. And I got a motel room.

The thing about getting a room when you’re on the streets is that when you go from that warm, cozy cocoon into the biting cold wind at night, you’re amazed a how you could possibly have not only spent all night in that but SLEPT on the concrete in it.

But you did. I did.

It was a long holiday to begin with, and a President died, adding another banking holiday. But the fact is I focused on how much I had left rather than how much I spent, and the long and short of it is that 3 days worth of debits didn’t post until I’d spent anything and I had four or five overdrafts (at $34 a piece I think). My credit card was also overdrawn.

When I tried to take an advance to cover my bills the program refused and when I called the bank they explained I had lousy credit in January and I had to go 3 months (or something like that) without overdrawing my account to be able to advance again.

Which meant I couldn’t pay my storage rent, or the interest on my credit card, or my phone bill (though that can ride for a month). And as for my website, I don’t know if Yahoo will shut it down or not if the automatic charge doesn’t clear. It’s only about $15/month, but I don’t have that after some $200 in overdraft charges and fees.

I whined about this on the local newspaper’s website, along with my plight in general. And yesterday Cagey and Homer (I think) took me from Santa Cruz to Hayward to put what we could in his SUV, bring it here, and (after having lunch on Cage) storing it in her basement.

All I left behind were some clothes and bedding. And it wasn’t until we’d left and it was too late that I remembered there was a $100 leather jacket I wish I’d saved. But I’m not crying over it. It was a size too small. (I’ve gotten a size larger since I bought it.)

It was a miserable drive, and took all day. I would guess 6 hours or more driving. And it was pouring rain on a dangerous mountain road. I am really grateful and somewhat humbled by the effort made by these people who really don’t know me.

Well, maybe they do. Cagey said he’d read my entire blog. And I don’t really know how to respond to that. I hoped people would read it, of course, even tough it didn’t turn out to be anything like what I envisioned when I began it. I thought I was going to be living happily ever after when I started it.

I haven’t bathed in a least two weeks, and have been wearing the same clothes. When I knew I would be spending hours in a closed car I called my friend to try to get a shower, but she was busy.

I saw her this morning and we chatted awhile. And then I went to the store for cigarettes, stopped in the park coming back to town because I was tired, and ended up lying down on the almost-dry grass and falling asleep.

She called 3 times to invite me over to shower and clean up, and I slept through it. I woke up about 5:30 or so and left a message apologizing and explaining what happened.

I’m thinking I may try to go before the judge for the camping tickets. Evidently a lot of people have gone to a lot of trouble to get me a reprieve, including the judge who extended the time for me to respond to the citations for sleeping (I believe is the charge). And the fact is I’ve been hoping to get my situation before a judge.

It occurs to me that Proposition 215 provides me a defense, and this is probably the difference between my going to court and attempting to get a resolution agreeable to me and just giving up or being confrontational about it.

For the fact is that Proposition 215 prohibits criminal sanction for the medicinal use of cannabis and since I’ve been denied what is available to others because of my medicine, if I suffer any criminal sanction it will be because of my medicinal use of marijuana.

I’ve been buried in my genealogy and the forums for the past week. I uploaded a revision yesterday. A descendant of Captain Withers emailed me and pointed out a line posted in a genealogical club that went from our common ancestors back to the Merovingian Dynasty and Merovich, and that was the largest part of the new data.

Another cousin (I assume) emailed me the other day from Shrewsbury Shropshire to inform me she had spent two years researching her ancestor Katarn, my 10th ggrand-mother, and that the BBC and the local newspaper wanted to do a story about her search. She asked me if it was I who had written about her, and yes I had though I’m not quite sure what she meant. She initially tried to sign onto my forum and then just sent me email. I hope to get some interesting information about my 10th ggrandmother Katarn, who probably had a mouth and her like my with the result that she died from trial by dunking, thereby proving herself innocent of witchcraft, or heresy, or some such nonsense.

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