Feb 23 2007

Good Friday

Posted by J. Craig Canada in laptop, Santa Cruz, tickets

I managed to call the credit card company and so long as I pay what I said I could pay when I said I could pay it, there’s no problem there. I was told I had ‘outstanding credit’, which I thought was amusing. And ironic. It wasn’t till this morning I managed to get to Continue reading →

Feb 21 2007

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday was pretty slim. I didn’t have enough for coffee this morning. Or cigarettes. I sat on a bench and bummed cigarettes until the library opened. I sat there all day going through the news articles, updating my forum till the 15th. Still another 3,000 or so articles to go through to get it Continue reading →

Feb 12 2007

Still Hangin’ On

I can’t remember here if I mentioned I tilted my accounts or not, but I did. We had a storm coming, a cold one; freezing temperatures and pouring rain for days. And I got a motel room. The thing about getting a room when you’re on the streets is that when you go from that Continue reading →

Feb 05 2007

Requiem for a Bag

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Homeless

It was a good bag, but the wheel had fallen off, and the concrete had worn through the frame and my hand was going numb from dragging it. Probably the kind of numbness that means it’s damaging the nerve. I meant to replace it earlier, like Friday. But events conspired against that. And when I Continue reading →