Jan 24 2007

Why I admire Loretta Nall

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I haven’t posted in a while, and this really wasn’t intended to be a record of my personal misery. On the other hand, I do think people should know the carnage that is the result of this insane Drug War.

I’ve been posting quite a bit lately on the local newspaper’s website. Here is a link if you’re interested: Homeless Deaths. And also (in the entertainment section): PSB Stories.

But back to Loretta.

I guess I have two main beefs with her, the people she’s aligned herself with and the fact that she’s using Medical Marijuana to push the legalization of all drugs, and associating it with a whole laundry list of other issues, and helping the Libertarians try to hi-jack the issue.

I’ll skip the story of how I ran across Emery’s website, truly skeptical of anyone that would hawk marijuana seeds online at ridiculous prices – as high as $50/seed and generally around $10/seed. But they did have some good videos available about the movement and people in the movement. And other than Dennis Peron’s site, Lester Grinspoon’s site, and Tod Mikuriya’s site, there wasn’t much else going.

But while ranting, or arguing, or posting, on the local newspaper’s website yesterday; while googling I got a hit for her blog and took a look. It was something about a policeman accused of child-molesting. And evidently he was the one that had been investigating child molestation for years…

…I just glanced at it and don’t really know what she’s up to now or what she’s doing. But I wish her well. It takes a lot of gumption to do what she’s doing where she’s doing it. I know. I tried 30 years ago to agitate for gay rights. In Alabama.

She took my criticism and used her cleavage to get the attention of 139 or so newspapers about a week or so before the election. And while I wonder how much they paid the blogger that wrote the critical article that launched the whole thing, you have to give credit where it’s due.

And the fact is, I probably don’t disagree with her all that much. In theory I would like to believe all drugs should be legal. But I certainly don’t see anything but chaos if all drugs are legalized at the same time. Nor, with the meth epidemic raging (and if there is such a thing as evil, I believe meth is it) do I think it is politically feasible. Calling for a complete end to prohibition is tantamount to holding medical patients hostage.

I do sincerely believe that establishing medical marijuana is the surest, safest, quickest way to ending prohibition and healing many of societies ills. I believe by aligning herself as she has, with the people she has, with the policies they have, that they are retarding the progress of the movement.

But it wouldn’t be a movement without them.

I guess what I resent most is that they cast me in the role of devil’s advocate, or loyal opposition. But someone had to stand up and say “this is NOT what the movement is about”.

But I wish her success and I wish her well, and I admire her drive and her hutspah.

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