Dec 13 2007

Trail of Tears

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It seems I’ve been on a Trail of Tears all my life. Except, maybe when I was a prepubescent child. I see it’s been since October, almost two months, since I’ve posted. It hasn’t been fun. Thanksgiving was a nightmare. Reservations had been made for me a month in advance for the night before and Continue reading →

Oct 15 2007


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From about the 18th of September until yesterday, the 13 of October, I was indoors, thanks to the kindness of a stranger, who repeatedly extended themselves to me, and opened their home to me. I spent the first week (it seems) sleeping. I was so exhausted. I know the first couple of days as soon Continue reading →

Oct 13 2007


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The judge found me guilty of one sleeping ticket. It was a kangaroo trial and Robert put a write-up on IndyBay about it: Contaminated Courts? The Strange Case of Craig Canada, Homeless Medical Marijuana Patient The article is illustrated with scans of Linda Lemasters’ article that appeared in Street Spirit. In case the Indybay article Continue reading →

Sep 22 2007


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I had to go to court again Friday for sleeping tickets. One ticket was dismissed when the issuing officer didn’t show. I was required to prove my innocence, that there was no legal alternative, on the other. The judge refused to accept that the ticket was before July 6th, when I was found not-guilty of Continue reading →