Dec 28 2006

Hell Month


I see it’s been a month since I’ve published a post here. I started one or two, but didn’t finish them. Best I can remember, I’ve had about a dozen or more confrontations with the police, been taken somewhere twice (one to the jail – but not booked, and once to the psych ward, where I was released in a couple of hours), and given two tickets for camping/sleeping.

I’ve shit my pants 3 times within about a ten day period. That hasn’t happened since I stopped eating at the church. However, I’m broke now and it will be a week before I get my money. I will probably eat at the church Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and starve Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile shitting my pants because I ate at the church. And no money to do laundry.

It costs $5 to do a load here.

And meals are all priced around $8.50, which means you’re supposed to spend at least $10 to eat.

I have yet to try to get the camping tickets dismissed. Robert told me I should leave a note at the city attorney’s office.

After months of archiving every news article that came across Google in my database, I stopped around December 12. At that point I had been harassed to the point that I pretty much completely retreated into my genealogy.

I got a camping ticket in Lighthouse field. I was about to start a bowl when the policeman walked up, and I really needed it. I remember telling him that. I looked up and there was a policeman and he said, “How are you?” and I replied, “I was about to medicate.”

“Meditate?” he asks.

“No, medicate, I replied.”

“That’s not medicine he sneered.”

“Who are you to tell me it isn’t medicine?” I replied.

And we were off.

It was actually quite a discussion. The gist of it was that I don’t get up early enough in the morning, and that even though the sun hasn’t risen and it’s freezing out I must be gone before the rich people take their dogs out to use the park as a toilet.

The park maintenance signed the ticket as a witness I was camping, which is at least triple the fine for just sleeping.

So I’ve been sleeping on the sidewalk pretty much ever since.

I was woken up about 1:30 am and told to move on from the alcove where the ticket office if for the Symphony, and lost it and refused to sign the ticket. It just got to a point where I told the policeman I wasn’t going to do anything they say. They took me to the jail and told me if I signed the ticket they would let me go. I signed the ticket and I guess it took me an hour to get my stuff together, crying, and walk back to town. It was raining. So I got wet when I otherwise wouldn’t have, on top of everything else. I lay down a couple of hours on the sidewalk in front of the theatre.

I had several more confrontations with the police, they told me to move on and I told them to give me a ticket but leave me alone.

Monday-a-week-ago I went to the post office. My mother had sent me some money and I was so tired I got a room. The remote didn’t work but I was too tired to go somewhere else. The wireless was slower than dial-up and when I called the clerk about it he told me I probably had a virus. When I asked to be moved to another room because the remote didn’t work he told me he could move me to 209, but the remote didn’t work in that one either.

On Friday, after being there 4 days because I was too tired to go somewhere else, when I was taking a shower the water turned ice-cold, with no warning whatseover. And there was nothing gradual about it either. I beat on the wall thinking someone in a room next to mine must have turned on the hot water and yelled for them to wait to use the hot water until I finished my shower.

The next thing I know, the manager is banging on my door. I tell him I’m taking a shower and to leave me alone. He comes into my room, into the bathroom (leaving the outer door open) and refuses to shut the outter door even though I’m naked and dripping wet, and demands I leave.

Before I can get my clothes on police have arrived. Three of them come into the room and I think there are more outside. They take me to the psych ward for obsevation, where I cry for a couple of hours before they release me.

I did Robert’s show last Sunday, and that’s about all I’ve been able to do, except some work on my genealogy.

Sleeping on the sidewalk, on the concrete, I don’t get rested, so I’ve been suffering sleep deprivation for at least a week. I fall asleep sitting up. Even when I feel awake and rested, I’ll wake with a start and realize I nodded off while sitting up typing.

This town deserves to rot in Hell for all eternity for what it’s done to me, for the way it’s treated me.

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