Nov 26 2006



Well, I made it through Thanksgiving.

It’s been a particularly rough week, with little time for the internet.

Yesterday I had to call Karen because I couldn’t dress and pack and take down my tent and pack it up before I had to shit, and I shit all over my sleeping bag. I was screaming “NO!”.

That’s the third time something like that has happened in the past week.

Fortunately, Karen drove half an hour to give me ten dollars so I could do laundry. And, luckily for me, it didn’t take two washes, which would have cost at least $11. ($4 for a jumbo washer, $1 for soap, at least $1 to dry…).

She had asked me to Thanksgiving but the buses weren’t running and since she mentioned (when she said she could pick me up) that she would have to figure out when she could take a break from cooking, I told her I would take a rain check. I would have liked to have spent the time with her and gotten to know her better, but it would have been awkward and I think it’s probably better I didn’t go.

I didn’t eat Thanksgiving. I spent the morning at Pergolesi having coffee & archiving medical marijuana news articles in my database. Pergolesi closed around 4pm, and so I went by 7-11 hoping to get a couple of hot-dogs for $2, but they only had one ready. So I got a couple of taquitoes instead for $1.69. And a soda. When I put my laptop on the counter to get my wallet out of my pocket the clerk, with a nasty condescending attitude, told me they needed the counter space.

It was that kind of day.

I guess it was about Wednesday (today is Sunday) I wore the tire off the wheel on my bag dragging it to the porta-potty. Even though it hasn’t rained in several days, the ground is very moist and the grass and mud pack in the wheel-wells and the wheels seize up. At first I didn’t realize I was dragging the bag with the wheels seized.

I think it was Saturday-a-week-ago, whenever the last rain, I was still in the park around 9 am. The tent was wet and I was hoping to let it dry and I didn ‘t think maintenance would be coming through until things dried out. I was wrong. They came through as soon as the rain stopped. I got hysterical and they left. We had another discussion the next day, and the next I was about to smoke a bowl after packing everything up when a policeman walked up. He was accompanied by two other policemen and I was truly concerned they intended to arrest me.

His opening line was something like, “How are you?”, and since I was sitting there holding a pipe with marijuana about to light it I replied, “Well, I was about to medicate.”

He asked, “Meditate?” and I replied, “No. MediCATE.”

And he exclaimed, “It’s not medicine.”

Now, I wasn’t in a particularly good mood so I replied, “Who the FUCK are YOU to tell me it isn’t medicine…” And we were off and running.

I yelled at him and he yelled at me, but I didn’t get arrested and I didn’t get cited and the gist of it (best I can tell) is that I should be out of there by 7am. Well, I’ve managed to be out by 8am and that’s about the best I can do but I haven’t seen the police any more and the maintenance truck went by this morning before I was out of my tent and didn’t stop…

It started raining a couple of hours ago, and looks like it will rain steadily for the next day or so. I will probably get soaked eating at the church. And if that doesn’t happen, well, I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do or where I’m going to sleep but I don’t think I will try to pitch the tent. Besides having to drag the bag with the wheels locked at least the length of a football field through the park, I and everything I have will get thorougly soaked putting up the tent. I will probably sleep on the side-walk tonight and hope I don’t get robbed.

I’m broke till Friday. Fortunately, Greenway has (finally) begun giving me compassion bags. Evidently they have a program where they will give you 1/4 oz. per week if you are indigent. I would have nothing now if it weren’t for that.

And I haven’t paid my phone bill. But I’m slowly crawling ‘out’ of debt. By that I mean that the month before last I got really depressed and ‘forgot’ to leave enough credit in my mastercard to cover the monthly interest charge, and also didn’t pay the phone bill. So last month I had to pay an additional $100 on the credit card, and an additional $50 for the phone, and $75 to renew my recommendation for medical marijuana.

So next month I will only have the extra $50 for the phone, the past-due amount, as an ‘extraordinary expense’. Merry Christmas to me.

Actually, I’ll be surprised if I live throught the winter.

I just hope I and my laptop make it though the night.

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