Nov 02 2006



Rain started yesterday; started while I was eating at the mission last night.

My grief really started as I was heading for a spot I slept in during the last rain, deciding to be dry and uncomfortable rather than damp or worse. And on the way I ran into a friend who assured me the rain had stopped.

I replied that no it hasn’t and that it will most likely rain before dawn. It always rains here before or after dawn. But they assured me it was over, and dreading a night on the cold hard concrete I decided to trust their prognostication rather than my own good sense.

About the time I got to my squat and had put down the plastic drop cloth and sleeping bag, it began drizzling. I tried putting the bag and my things inside the drop cloth, with half the drop cloth under the bag and half on top covering it. That was a nightmare. It was hot, wet, and muddy. I got mud all over myself. As I was packing up about 2 in the morning I was crying hysterically – as much about the damp and cold as about not getting any sleep. And then started coughing and lost control of my bowels, at which point I started screaming. Luckily I was able to clean myself up with the washcloth I keep with me before I soiled my pants.

It was just yesterday I had showered and so forth, and put on clean clothes. And it will be at least Friday before I can wash my clothes, or get a new drop cloth.

I and my things (not the laptop, it was in a turkey bag) got pretty damp on the walk back to town, along the cliffs.

It was about 3am when I got to an awning and put my sleeping back down on the sidewalk and got, maybe, 5 minutes rest in the couple of hours until I moved to a different doorway. Where I actually got inside my sleeping bag for a few minutes and managed to get warm.

And I cried.

When I got to the toilet in the bus station (the only public toilet open before 8am), first I had to wait about 1/2 hour for the person in the handicapped stall to leave (There’s no room for my bag & laptop in a regular stall) only to discover they’d shit all over the toilet.

So I gave up on using a toilet until 8am, when the public toilet in the garage opens.

As I was leaving the person that hangs out there and sells pharmaceuticals (and everything else) told me if I asked Greenway they would give me a comp bag.

Well, that set me off and I started screaming, no they won’t give me comp bags. I had to go through months of bullshit and being shined on to even get a discount

I’ve been up over 24 hours now; cold, damp, and waiting for the library to open.

Friday – 2am

I managed to talk a desk clerk at a motel I frequent to let me a room for the night and not charge me until Friday. Robert had asked me on his radio show and I was going to go, but I was so exhausted that about 5pm I decided I had to get a room.

And I think I’m sick. I guess being damp and cold with no food and no sleep for nearly 36 hours did me in. I fell asleep as soon as I’d left a message for Robert telling him I was too exhausted to do the show, and slept till just before midnight. I woke up sick and soaked for about half an hour in a hot tub. I think that helped and maybe I got some rest and got the cold, damp, wet clothes off in time, but I don’t think so.

The weather forecast is for the rain to end tomorrow, but probably not in time for anything to dry out before sunset. However, no more rain is predicted before the 16th.

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