Nov 07 2006

Election Day

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During the two days I spent in a motel I called a friend about the tent they had offered to get me, and got a tent. This is the third night now I’ve pitched the tent and slept in it, and then taken it down in the morning to carry it with me.

I decided on a hexagonal tent, billed as a 3-man tent, primarily because the cloth was camouflage. I also like the look of it. But after thinking about it I think I may have made a mistake in not getting a standard tent. For one thing, there’s no cover (or rain fly) over the door. There is absolutely no way to get into the tent when it’s raining without getting rain into the tent.

For that matter, there’s no way to set it up in the rain without getting the inside wet, because the top is mesh. Seems all tents are made this way now, for ventilation they say.

It has the standard section poles, and the ends of the poles, where the pins attached to the tent are supposed to fit, have gotten full of dirt. I have yet to figure out how I’m supposed to put the tent up, or take it down, without getting those full of dirt.

Later today I’m going to get some tooth picks and clean them out.

The tent is small, not large enough that I can place my sleeping bag in it without both ends touching the walls, and I’m concerned about that when it rains. Best I can remember, having stuff touching the walls of a tent will cause them to leak, and will get whatever is touching them wet.

I also haven’t sealed the tent. I have half-promised myself to go to Outdoor world today and get some sealant and spray the seams. That will be another project that will pretty much take all day. If I tried it at night the stuff probably wouldn’t dry before I have to take the tent down.

I’ve considered calling my friend about exchanging the tent, but I don’t want to bother them any more than I must and I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.

I’m feeling much better today, though still feverish and coughing.

I didn’t get any rest in the motel room. Once I sat down to my computer, able to smoke, and eat, and drink while working; able to take a draw of a cigarette a put it in an ashtray and do something, and then take another draw, rather than being forced to do absolutely nothing but smoke the cigarette while I’m smoking the cigarette – well, I exhausted myself sitting at the computer, and got very little sleep.

They’re predicting rain next week and I’m hoping to get a motel room. But it looks like I can’t afford it. For one thing, my check was over $100 less this month, I guess because I didn’t renew the Medi-Cal, something I intend to do this month.

I forgot to leave enough credit in my credit account to cover the service charge last month, so that was almost another $150 less than I would normally have, and included a $35 overdraw penalty.

And I need to renew my recommendation for marijuana this month, which will be another $100 out of my pocket.

In short, less than a week after I got my check it is gone and I am broke.

There’s a guy I see at the library and we’ve talked about splitting a room for a week, which should cost us about $175 each. I was hoping to get a room with him Monday.

Yesterday, when I went to Greenway I spoke to them about the compassion bags and I believe I am now authorized for 1/4 oz. per week, which will help a great deal though it isn’t enough.

I suppose they’re going to claim that I just didn’t know what to ask for, but I’ve asked every way I know how for almost a year now, and have had to resort to making my complaints public to get any resolution.

I registered to vote and was intending to vote, but they have me assigned to a precinct at the very edge of town, at the Boy Scout room at Harvey West park. This is completely on the other side of town from where I sleep and it would take me at least half the day to vote there. So I probably will not be voting in this election.

I went there yesterday, to go to Greenway. In fact, it took me all day to go to Greenway and then take the bus to Brookdale to get my mail.

And when I got back to town the last bus had run (just before 6pm) that went anywhere near where I sleep, so I had to walk and got there exhausted.

Yesterday a poll was released stating the Initiative in South Dakota would go down: 60% against, 35% for, 4% undecided – more or less. I got angry and blamed it on Nall, The Marijuana Party, the Libertarians and Emery & co.

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