Nov 12 2006

Camping in the Rain

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, laptop, missions, motels

It rained Friday night, and that turned out to be the first test of my tent.

I didn’t get to ‘seal’ it as recommended in the instructions. I spent $10 on a spray-can of ‘sealant’ for the seams but then realized there is no where I can set the tent up (during the day) spray it, leave it for four hours, spray it again, and then let it dry for 24-72 hours.

Fortunately the tent didn’t leak and I stayed dry through the rain which began, actually, about sunrise Saturday morning. It rained until about 11 am, but the tent didn’t dry till 3-4 pm. I took the opportunity to sleep in, assuming the Ranger (or whoever) would not be out ticketing in the rain. And besides, with this cold or flu or pneumonia or whatever it is I have, I need the sleep. I actually should have spent the past week or so in bed rather than getting up at the crack of dawn, taking down my tent, and truding the mile or whatever to get coffee and sit up all day at my laptop.

I was hoping to get a motel for a week starting tomorrow but I haven’t seen the guy I was talking about getting a room with and I probably won’t have enough money anyway. And, checking the weather, while it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, it’s just for one day. However, next Sunday the temperature is supposed to fall about 10 degrees, into the low 30s. It’s forecast to rain 3 days in a row, with cold nights for almost a week before Thanksgiving, when it’s supposed to clear up and warm back up to the ‘normal’ nightly lows in the mid-40s.

So I intend to camp Monday, and sit in the tent all day if necessary, until the rain stops. Staying dry has its price. You can’t leave the tent, and you can’t take it down until it drys. This means I could spend all day and all night Monday sitting in the tent.

I was thinking of stopping by the library for a book but don’t really have time. It’s almost 4pm. In a half hour I’ll need to make my way to the church to be there before 5:30, when they close the doors, to sit through the 1/2 hour sermon in order to eat.

I’m still sick, still very sick if you ask me. I don’t konw if I’ve got just a cold, or the flu, or pneumonia. It does seem to be letting up a little but cough is pretty severe, and I’ve felt feverish most of the time. And I fear even though I’m dry, sitting out in the cold and damp isn’t doing it any good. If it’s a cold it should be over by now, or over in a couple of days.

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