Nov 26 2006


Well, I made it through Thanksgiving. It’s been a particularly rough week, with little time for the internet. Yesterday I had to call Karen because I couldn’t dress and pack and take down my tent and pack it up before I had to shit, and I shit all over my sleeping bag. I was screaming Continue reading →

Nov 12 2006

Camping in the Rain

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, laptop, missions, motels

It rained Friday night, and that turned out to be the first test of my tent. I didn’t get to ‘seal’ it as recommended in the instructions. I spent $10 on a spray-can of ‘sealant’ for the seams but then realized there is no where I can set the tent up (during the day) spray Continue reading →

Nov 07 2006

Election Day

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During the two days I spent in a motel I called a friend about the tent they had offered to get me, and got a tent. This is the third night now I’ve pitched the tent and slept in it, and then taken it down in the morning to carry it with me. I decided Continue reading →

Nov 02 2006


Rain started yesterday; started while I was eating at the mission last night. My grief really started as I was heading for a spot I slept in during the last rain, deciding to be dry and uncomfortable rather than damp or worse. And on the way I ran into a friend who assured me the Continue reading →