Oct 25 2006

Why I despise Loretta Nall

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Frankly, if you had said the kind of things to ME that the material you posted indicates you said to and about Loretta, I assure you that I would not have been as nice as Loretta appears to have been. I doubt that there is a person reading this who would have been.

I’m not trying to say that Nall is any kind of saint. Ironically, one of the refreshing aspects of her candidacy is that she doesn’t pretend to BE a saint. To the extent that voters embrace her, it will be warts and all. I am saying that her provocation was fairly over-the-top and if her response was in kind — well what can you expect?

As for Loretta, I guess there’s a lot of the story you don’t know. I’m working on a blog entry about this, mostly because I’m tired of retyping the same thing over and over and over. While I have the first draft posted, I will be editing it at least through the day, possibly longer. And may even change the title.

The fact is, her graphic description of S&M sex with Emery probably would have been sitting there in the Stoner Sexuality forum to be juxtaposed against the Von Misses article if I hadn’t brought up the…incongruity.

And I wish to Hell I’d never told her about Tallulah.

Santa Cruz Sentinel Forums: Repub Threatens Wheelchair-Bound Libertarian, Then Lies About it

Emery & Co. are a bunch of thugs. Precisely the kind of people this movement is about GETTING AWAY FROM.

The thing about her husband’s penis implant did appear in Marc Emery’s jail blog, pitched as the equivalent of Martin Luther King’s letters from the Birmingham Jail by Loretta et al (gag me with a spoon). Or a hack of it. I’m not sure and at the time I didn’t have enough time (only 4 hours a day, if I ran from Homeless Services to MHCAN and back) to check it out. It could have been a hack by one of Emery’s many, many, many enemies (people he’s screwed over).

The fact is, true or not, I believed it because of what I had observed over some 9 months in Cannabis Culture forums, and private emails, and other private and public communications.

As for Loretta Nall’s provocation of ME…when I was living in Desert Hot Springs and the neighbors were stealing my plants and the sheriff was harassing me and the landlord evicted me and I was writing about it on Emery’s forums (Oh What A Night and Looks like the end for me) hoping to get some support, out of the blue I received an email from someone who turned out to be my 4th cousin, Loretta Nall (verified by my Uncle Pat, the geneologist for my father’s side of the family).

Seems she had to search awhile to find a picture that didn’t show her breasts…she said, as she asked for a picture of me. We do bear a striking family resemblance, but thank god she dyed her hair. It was beautiful hair, exactly like mine. At least she doesn’t have my hair anymore…

I was terrified I wouldn’t find a place to move, and the neighbors were stealing from me (breaking into my apartment) and the sheriffs wouldn’t do anything.

And I poured my heart out on Cannabis Culture forums where I was pretty much ignored, abused, and insulted. I’m pretty sure Loretta chimed in for me to “Stop your whinin” but I don’t feel like trying to look it up. Among other things, she is an abuser.

After I got a new place – the inlaw in the house granted to Bonita Millard by Bill Rainey (and I’ve always wondered if Michelle Rainey – Emery’s secretary – was a relation.), Loretta emailed me that Emery had sent her a ticket to Vancouver.

Evidently Loretta had been active in the Stoner Sexuality forum, which I never visited – wasn’t why I was there and (since this was a cannabis site where COMMERCE was taking place and most likely monitored by several agencies of several governments) not anywhere I wanted to be seen, much less read.

Anyway, Loretta Nall writes she spent 8 hours being strip-searched and going through customs. And then writes about smoking saliva divinorum with Emery and posts pictures in the forums, on the internet. And then writes about violent and brutal S&M sex with Emery on the internet in Cannabis Culture forums; every lurid gory detail. And then I get emails from her telling me when she got back her husband made a dirty video of her, threatened to divorce her, and begging to come live with me.

And then acts so innocent when, two weeks after posting pictures on the internet of doing illegal drugs with Emery and writing about having brutal, violent S&M sex with him (and evidently enjoying it immensely), she gets busted and they try to take her children away from her.

And, since I couldn’t take her in (I guess), out of desperation she starts The Marijuana Party, which isn’t REALLY about marijuana…according to their online pitch at the time.

So Emery, seeing I’m a medical patient in desperate straights, essentially rapes my long-lost FOURTH cousin in front of me (which she immensely enjoys, according to ALL her many personal accounts published on the internet, now erased), and then, over numerous objections (people were posting “Whore” and such faster than they could ban them and delete it from the comments – she accused me of doing it but I never did. I do not make anonymous harrasing comments, unlike Loretta, who did it routinely in Cannabis Culture forums, under numerous aliases.) – over numerous protests Emery set her up as founder of the U.S. Marijuana Party and spent a couple of years grooming her for the media.

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