Oct 12 2006



It was a month ago I vowed to make a least one entry per week here, by Friday.

Well, there are drafts, but nothing published. Maybe I will finish them some day, maybe I won’t. That was one of the reasons I published everything I went through after I was raided, and particularly all the court proceedings: to document just how much time, money, and resources are wasted prosecuting marijuana.

And to document what the victims suffer.

It seems to me most people don’t have a clue what happens to someone after a couple of years in jail. Much less what happens to them during those years in jail. The story usually ends with the sentence.

The ordeal of being drug through court in itself is cruel and unusual punishment, for cannabis.

I posted about losing my phone on the local newspaper’s forum in a thread called: Why I Love This Town.

I think it was ten days I didn’t bath. In the course of which the infection that had almost healed festered and I went to the clinic. The clinic couldn’t see me right away and I had to make an appointment a week later; last Thursday I think. That was my last day indoors and I missed the bus by about five minutes.

I called and they couldn’t take me an hour later. I have another appointment for tommorrow. I may or may not go as the infections seem to be healing, and almost healed.

My mother sent me a pair of walking shoes, the first hard-soled shoes I’ve had in years. I put them on clean and it is a pleasure to have a clean pair of good shoes. I’m sure they will be comfortable once my feet have adjusted to hard-soled shoes.

My feet screamed for days, almost a week now I guess. But it feels like they’re beginning to adjust.

I can’t help but wonder if the extra stress on my right foot of the duffle bag slung over my shoulder all those months have something to do with it being eaten up with fungus – which has almost, if not completely, healed.

Along with a phone, Cagey asked me what I needed in a private email and I told her. And they got pretty much exactly what I asked for: A jacket, a duffle bag, 2 pair of jeans.

I was skeptical about the wheeled bag, but I now think it’s a vast improvement. And I think it will seem more so in the next day or so when my feet have settled down from the hard sole shoes and I can walk.

The one reservation I have left about the wheeled-bag is what’s going to happen when it rains…if it only had a shoulder-strap so I could carry it over rough ground and across the puddles that inevitably form at intersections after a rain.

Well, I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

I actually enjoyed myself this afternoon. I was able to relax a little for the first time in years. Maybe over a decade.

Even the hospitality guide that asked me to move so he could rip down the flier someone had dared to tape on the side of a newspaper box behind me, even that nasty old man trembling with suppressed rage didn’t bother me.

I don’t have as much time as I’d like for my computer, and to use the internet.

I didn’t have any time at all yesterday. First walking to get cigarettes, and then to Jack-In-The-Box for a sandwich and soda, and then to a friend’s to take a shower, and then to the laundramat to do laundry took all day.

And tomorrow is likely to be nearly the same.

I still haven’t had a chance to call my ‘social worker’ about the court case that allows MediCal to consider marijuana costs, the point being to use my marijuana purchases as medical expenses to qualify for a zero-share-of-cost for medical care and prescriptions.

Hopefully I will get to that tomorrow.

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