Oct 16 2006

The Daily Drudge

Posted by J. Craig Canada in cleanliness, greenway, Homeless

I wasn’t able to get any internet time yesterday. And none today till noon.

That’s one of the real problems about being homeless, the simplest things (like taking a shower) take hours and hours and hours.

Thursday was another virutally complete day shot. I rushed to get to the clinic at 10:15am only to see that it wasn’t open until 1pm and my appointment was at 2:45pm.

That pretty much shot my entire day. After I left the clinic (walking rather than taking the bus because I didn’t want to hang around there for a half hour or more) I went to the pharmacy. And was sitting down waiting for my feet to stop screaming to get in line for my prescriptions when I realized I didn’t have my wallet. I’d just gotten and opened and began to drink a soda, and hadn’t paid for it. Luckily I had enough change in my pocket to cover it.

I called the transit number and got a message stating it was too late to talk to anyone, call tommorrow.

After fretting for a little while, and being surly to a number of people, I walked the couple of blocks to the bus station, where I hailed a driver, who called and, after a brief conversation, told me the driver had my wallet.

I was truly grateful to get my wallet, with everything still in it. I guess it took the driver about an hour to get back, and then I went back to the drug store, and after waiting in line for what seemed like hours, I was told they hadn’t received any prescriptions for me.

Then Saturday I get a message from the drug store’s computer telling me my prescriptions are ready, so I get there only to be told the pharmacy is closed and will be closed till Monday…

…and when I get there Monday morning I find they’ve prescribed for me Cephalexin (a strong antibiotic), hydrocortisone cream, for the psoriasis, and clotrimazole cream for the fungus.

There was a $1 co-payment and Medicare didn’t pay for the fungus cream and Long’s wanted $17 for it. I got mad and refused to pay for it.

I think watching them ring up a $9,000 bill for a man while I was waiting, and charge him $25 for it set me off.

Besides, I really can’t afford it. Afterwards, I went to the club, where the cheapest bud they had was $45 an eigth. Afterwards, I felt like I deserved a pizza, even though they are expensive. And I got one. I also just wanted to sit somewhere besides Pegolesi and use the internet.

A lot of people seem to be reading my site, though no one posts anything and there aren’t that many registered, and most of the registrations seem to be one person – an online pill-pusher in Canada, who registers under a new alias or two every day.

My feet have finally adjusted to the shoes and I can walk, for the most part, without pain. I got a shower yesterday, and washed my clothes, so I feel some better.

The fact that they gave me cephalex means I do have a serious bacterial infection. And I worry that I have or am developing a resistent strain, which will kill me – slowly and painfully.

There was an article about the local paper’s publisher saying she was leaving when the paper changed hands because she didn’t want to be ‘marooned in Santa Cruz’. That’s exactly how I feel…marooned in Santa Cruz.

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