Oct 22 2006

I read the news today…

Posted by J. Craig Canada in cleanliness, Medical Marijuana

I wake up every morning Googling marijuana medical, and going through the articles. I’ve been doing this for six months now, and did it for years when I had a computer. I guess I got in the habit when I was on GLAAD’s media committee.

Once a week we would sit down and go through all the articles volunteers had clipped that they thought were defamations. Several of us would sit down and go through them all, decide if they were defamations, and if so what action to take.

Watching stories unfold over time from a variety of media perspectives was revealing.

After seeing several reports of taser deaths coming up in my daily medical marijuana search, I began to record them when a flurry of stories appeared about a homeless man (growing marijuana) tasered to death in Colorado.

Now, I see this from Connecticut.

I was going to write today about being overdrawn. Seems I forgot to leave enough credit in my account for the nearly $100 in interest charges I have to pay every month on my debt.

I made an appointment in November to renew my recommendation for marijuana, and that is going to cost $100. And from today until the 3rd of Novemeber I will be flat broke: without medicine, cigaretts, and food (at least some of the time).

It also occurred to me about the time the infection heals (must be staff, they gave me cephalex to take for 10 days) I will be broke and probably won’t have any clean clothes or socks or be able to take a shower – more from my own exhaustion and procrastination than from any lack of people willing to help.

And the infection will flare up again, and it will be resistent to everything they have…

…I read the news today.

Oh boy.

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