Oct 25 2006

Why I despise Loretta Nall

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In response to: Frankly, if you had said the kind of things to ME that the material you posted indicates you said to and about Loretta, I assure you that I would not have been as nice as Loretta appears to have been. I doubt that there is a person reading this who would have Continue reading →

Oct 22 2006

I read the news today…

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I wake up every morning Googling marijuana medical, and going through the articles. I’ve been doing this for six months now, and did it for years when I had a computer. I guess I got in the habit when I was on GLAAD’s media committee. Once a week we would sit down and go through Continue reading →

Oct 16 2006

The Daily Drudge

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I wasn’t able to get any internet time yesterday. And none today till noon. That’s one of the real problems about being homeless, the simplest things (like taking a shower) take hours and hours and hours. Thursday was another virutally complete day shot. I rushed to get to the clinic at 10:15am only to see Continue reading →

Oct 12 2006


It was a month ago I vowed to make a least one entry per week here, by Friday. Well, there are drafts, but nothing published. Maybe I will finish them some day, maybe I won’t. That was one of the reasons I published everything I went through after I was raided, and particularly all the Continue reading →