Sep 24 2006

Lost my phone

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Homeless

I lost my phone night before last.

That is a real disaster.

I can’t afford a new one until next week, if then.

I also overdrew my credit card over $100. I forgot about the interest charge, which was $85, and an overdraft charge, which was $35…so far.

I just gets worse and worse.

My feet haven’t healed.

My pants ripped just now when I bent over, at the hip seam. I can’t afford to buy clothes, or do laundry. I’m out of money and will be out of medicine soon.

And the fact is, I don’t care whether I live or die anymore.

It’s a real bitch to be done in by Santa Cruz, when I got here in the first place because I’m a medical marijuana patient.

I went to the radio studio this morning because Robert had Mike Rotkin and Tony Madrigal there. I sat there for hours and didn’t say much.

Connecting with anyone to shower will be impossible now.

And I met someone a couple of days ago who gave me his phone number and called. Now I can’t call him back.

The first person I’ve met that seems like a decent person and wants to help, and I lose my phone and they probably think I don’t want anything to do with them.

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