Aug 11 2006

A Crime Against Humanity


A Patient’s View

Cannabis Prohibition:
The Worst Crime Against Humanity in the History of Civilization.

August 10, 2006
J. Craig Canada

I sleep under a bush, and spend my days sitting in a coffee shop so I can use a laptop. I carry everything I have with me, for I have nowhere to store anything. I haven’t bathed in a week, and don’t know when I will be able to shower again.

I sit among students from the local university, and it occured to me today that I’ve been fighting the drug war – that I’ve been jailed and robbed and harassed and terrorized – as long as they’ve been in school. And I remember that when I was their age (1973), for a few months, cannabis was legal in this great nation.

For a few months…

I call myself a patient but I’m more than that. I may be the first ‘court certified’ medical cannabis patient in the State of California, but whether I am or not I’ve been a patient for 10 years now and the battle to provide my own medicine and repeal cannabis prohibition has been all-consuming, and cost me everything I have.

In all that time I never thought of the prohibition of cannabis as a Crime Against Humanity, not until only a week or so ago. Going through the news every day on the internet for the past several months (which is remarkable in itself considering I’ve been homeless almost two years), I’ve noticed a disturbing cluster of articles. And having worked for an advertising firm in San Francisco, I perceived them as flights in a campaign.

There was the FDA announcement reinterating their position that cannabis was illegal and had no medical value, to which the world’s media replied (pretty much in unison) THE EMPORER HAS NO CLOTHES!

But then the Partnership for a Drug Free American announced prescription drug abuse was the number one problem in the country. And then there were reports of opiate-related deaths sky-rocketing in the major cities, and a heroin epidemic. And then reports that the recommended adult dose on the label of methadone could be lethal. And then reports declaring methadone was being prescribed for pain.

And then articles declaring oxycontin and vicodin were gateway drugs to heroin:

Federal officials said Monday more people began non-medical use of narcotic pain relievers in the past year than marijuana or cocaine…The report shows that the most commonly abused drugs include Vicodin, codeine, Oxycontin and morphine. Approximately 48 percent of new initiates used Vicodin, Lortab or Lorcet; 34.3 percent used Darvocet, Darvon, or Tylenol with codeine; 20 percent used Percocet, Percodan or Tylox; 8.4 percent used Oxycontin; and 4.3 percent used morphine.

Having spent a year in a homeless services center (I affectionately call The Concentration Camp), I had seen this carnage first hand. And been refused housing, shelter, and services because I was a medical marijuana patient. I knew three overdose/suicides; two heroin addicts and one soma addict. And I watched the poor and destitute being given dangerous, addictive pharmaceuticals by the handful, while being denied services and treated like criminals if they used cannabis – probably the only effective medicine for many of them. Right here in Santa Cruz!

In the midst of this, Complutense University in Spain announced that in the first ever human clinical trials cannabis inhibits brain cancer growth, and gets no coverage in the major media.

But significant coverage is given to a rigged study where they strap heroin catheters on mice and claim they’ve proven something when mice previously injected with cannabis use more heroin than those never exposed to cannabis.

And I thought about that study. And what I thought is if that study proves anything it proves that cannabis works better for stress/pain management than heroin does.

The rats who had been conditioned with cannabis used more heroin because it took more heroin to achieve the same stress/pain relief they received from cannabis. But the study’s authors claimed it proved teens who smoked a joint were ‘more likely’ to become heroin addicts.

Jeez Louise! Get Real! I mean, when’s the last time someone strapped a heroin catheter on your teenager and then ‘stressed’ them?

I don’t use cannabis for pain and most of my time has been spent researching and defending its use for my condition, so even though pain patients have been telling me for years they could give up or greatly reduce their pharmaceuticals with cannabis this was the first time I seriously considered that cannabis was better for management of most pain than opiates, and the implications of that.

Now, in 1937 our government made cannabis illegal and reinforced that with the Controlled Substance Act, forcing pain patients and others to take dangerous, addictive, toxic, EXPENSIVE, drugs rather than safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, CHEAP, cannabis. Besides the opiate pain medications, the class of drugs prescribed for depression (the SSRIs) are also addictive; with succeedingly shorter half-lifes in each subsequent generation, from 30-days for Prozac to 1-day for Paxil. And they had to conduct 5 Prozac studies to get 2 that indicated it -might- work better than a sugar pill.

Research around the world (long prohibited by our government, in violation of the 1st Amendment) is now proving that cannabis is the most non-toxic, versatile, efficacious medicine on the planet. That our government has outlawed this miracle and waged a with-hunt against its users and providers for over half a century is a Crime Against Humanity, and of a magnitude dwarfing anything else in history.

When I think of all the suffering, the death, the destroyed livers and kidneys, the lives, the careers, the asset forfeiture, the guns, the violence, the jails, the prisons, the decades of warfare waged by the government against the citizen, the cures undiscovered – when I think of that I can think of no crime against humanity greater or more cruel than the prohibition of cannabis.

And recently pharmaceutical contamination has shown up in the environment. There are no studies of top-of-the-food-chain contamination, but bottom of chain sampling has found the SSRIs and others already seeping into the groundwater, and the food supply.

In the Swedish study, Prozac has a Persistence of 3 and a Toxicity of 3 (out of 3) with a bioaccumulation of 0.

I found this odd because when I took it the doctor told me it would take at least two weeks for a therapeutic level to build up in my system. In fact, pharmaceuticals are made to ‘persist’ in the environment. Who knows how long they take to decompose into something harmless? Nobody.

For half a century our government has prohibited the most versatile, effective, least toxic medicine on the planet and conducted a with-hunt against its users and suppliers – while forcing sick and dying people at the point of a gun to take dangerous, addictive, toxic synthetic substances which the human body has never encountered in all of evolution, and 90% of which is pissed back into the environment. And now you cannot get or keep a job, or live in most subsidized housing without passing a drug test for cannabis, which is detectable for up to 28 days.

Any day now the U.S. District Court will rule on Santa Cruz County et al vs. Ashcroft’s reconsideration.

I appeal to The Court, end this Crime Against Humanity now, or forever be forgotten by history as just another quisling.

Most Sincerely,

J. Craig Canada

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