Aug 25 2006

Holes in my feet

Posted by J. Craig Canada in cleanliness, Homeless

Day before yesterday I finally made it to Homeless Persons Health Project (HPHP), who told me that, yes indeed, those holes in the bottom of my feet were a cause for concern and that if I had Medi-Cal (which I could get if only I’d purchase some piece-of-junk vision or dental plan for $30/month) I Continue reading →

Aug 21 2006

A day late and a dollar short

Posted by J. Craig Canada in broken tooth, greenway, Homeless

I broke a tooth Monday. It’s the last molar I have, or one of the last. Left upper. It’s been disintegrating for years. The filling fell out while I was fighting the cultivation/eviction chrages in San Bernardino. Or, now that I think about it, a couple of years before, when I was living in Desert Continue reading →

Aug 11 2006

A Crime Against Humanity

For half a century our government has prohibited the most versatile, effective, least toxic medicine on the planet and conducted a with-hunt against its users and suppliers – while forcing sick and dying people at the point of a gun to take dangerous, addictive, toxic synthetic substances which the human body has never encountered in all of evolution, and 90% of which is pissed back into the environment.

Aug 03 2006

In a Sane World

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Alabama, dennis peron, greenway, Medical Marijuana, missions

Well, it’s payday. I got my disability benefit today after being broke for a week. The way things are going, and after everything I’ve been through I figured why postpone the inevitable. And spent my time in coffee shops and cafes, and the money I didn’t spend on that I spent on cigarettes and medicine. Continue reading →