Jul 16 2006

Raving Lunatic to the Rescue

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, cleanliness, greenway, tim rumford

I’ve been trying for over a week now to go through my things. I don’t even know if I have clean clothes anymore. I either need to get clean clothes and my toiletries, or get my dirty clothes and launder them.

I just sat down and tried to reply to the last email the wingnut sent me who offered to help me. He’s going to help me jump off the damn cliff.

I stink. I can’t stand myself. I have sores on my thighs oozing and bleeding that hurt evertime I walk. And my pants are so dirty they’re chafing the sores. My feet are cracking, and I probably won’t be able to walk soon.

I sent emails to Robert and Becky yesterday and have received no response. I don’t expect any. I just called Robert and left a message.

The wingnut is saying I called and demanded to take a shower. And is accusing me of taking a 2.5 hour shower and using half their months ‘allotment’ and that the landlord knocked on his door about it.

I started crying when I sat down and tried to reply to the email.

I spend most of my time crying, and trying not to cry, or think about things.

Yesterday was the 6th time I went to Greenway and did not receive a discount or anything extra. When I asked the guy behind the counter he told me they only gave discounts if you were doint ‘chemo’ or something like that. And when I asked, “what about if you’re homeless” he said something about I had to talk to the owner. And did not offer to assist me in talkiing to her.

The fact is, the guy was the same one Willie has told to ‘take care of me’.

This morning a guy told me they banned him for 5 weeks for complaining about the prices.

It looked and felt like a Mexican gang when I was in there last. It is all very discouraging.

This morning I saw the homophobic campers were back, near my tree. One of them yelled faggot at me this morning. And taunted me again when he passed me walking to town. I thought of calling the police – but, what exactly would I tell them?

I don’t feel safe there anymore and probably couldn’t sleep except I don’t really care what happens, if I wake up or not. Not anymore. I’ve lost everything and don’t see that I have anything to live for.

I’ve been treated like a piece of shit for so long I can’t remember the last time I lived and was dealt with like a human being.

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