Jul 05 2006

Out of Coral Street

Posted by J. Craig Canada in banned, tim rumford

July 4th. I went to the HUFF meeting last Wednesday, and there were several people there. One of whom was Tim, who offered to let me keep my things at his place, “for some time” he said. And offered to help me get them from The Concentration Camp.

I didn’t check my email till late Thursday, too late to get my things. Friday he had a family emergency. Saturday we found the lock had been changed. And as soon as I discovered that Murphey (Mike) appeared. And I lost it and spit on him.

I hadn’t had anything to smoke for 3 days, and only a moment’s thought informs me that is the first time I have ever gone to that place without smoking just before I go in.

Vicki called me Monday to tell me David wouldn’t be back until then, and that there is nothing they can tell me until then (which is a bald-faced lie).

I sent my mother an email and she replied. Several times. I only read the first.

Tim was supposed to meet me yesterday and he didn’t show, or call, or email. I guess my performance Saturday changed his mind about wanting to help me. Actually, I’ve spoken to Robert since and he tells me that’s not the case.

We will see what happens.

It is clear to me that the six months I spent in that living Hell is all I can tolerate.

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