Jul 27 2006

More month than money.

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I ran out of money this morning, spending my last dollar for a cup of coffee.

And my checking account is overdrawn $1.22. I think that must be the ATM charge at some store that they didn’t tell me about. But it’s overdrawn. I’m broke. And too chicken to kill myself. My mother sent me a check for $100 which I think I received Friday, and it’s all gone.

Greenway hasn’t given me a discount or anything free the past 7 times I’ve been there. And I’m out of medicine. I have $5 I can charge on my credit card and I’m trying to decide whether to buy food or cigarettes. It’s an easy choice. Even though I haven’t eaten today, I’ll buy cigarettes. Food is easy to get around here. Relatively easy, anyway.

I’ve been sleeping in the same spot for about a month now. Maintenance has discovered me twice, I didn’t wake up early enough to leave before they came through. The last time they came through they told me if they caught me again they would call the police.

I think this is only on Sunday. So I guess I shouldn’t be there Sunday mornings.

I’ve been banned from homeless services.

Tuesday July 31, 2006

Two more days till I get my money. The bank assessed me a $34 charge for the overdraft. I called them up about it, and was told there is also a $5 charge beginning the 4th day of an overdraft for 7 days. They dropped the $34 charge but I’m still going to have to pay $15-20 for a continuing overdraft until Thursday, when I get my direct deposit. And half of that will be gone, more than half actually, for the advances I took last month.

I’ve been to Greenway 8 times now without getting a discount. Robert Norse has called Lisa on my behalf, and called me this morning to ask me if Lisa had called telling me he had spoken to her and given her my phone number. And that he was surprised that she hadn’t called me.

I wasn’t.

I ate at the Elm street mission Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Had a cup of soup and apple juice from Tim on Monday, and ate at St. Francis Tuesday.

The line at St. Francis was surprisingly long today considering it is the 1st and a lot of people get their money on the first. They made an announcement before everyone ate that they’d been starting late the past couple of days because of ‘drug use’ nearby and that this really upset the cook, and something about us ‘all being adults’, whatever that meant.

They announced that they wouldn’t serve anyone they saw using drugs. Which I assume means me, though I haven’t been there in months.

Things are really bad and sad. I don’t see any way out and that things are only going to get worse and worse and worse.

I feel bad about what I wrote about Jim in the last entry. He’s been really helpful, and Jim isn’t really his name. Valerie has also extended herself to me, allowing me to shower at her place. There’s one other person she helps in a similar fashion.

I’ve decided I’m going to file a grievance with Homeless Services just to have my side on record. The fact is, as I just said in an email to KG, who founded the homeless services here, that the damages to me as far as I’m concerned are the fact that I’m still homeless when I planned to have something somewhere by February, and the fact that I’m $6,000 in debt.

And I know that there is no way in Hell I will be compensated for that, and that filing a grievance will just be more grief for me and really won’t do me a hill of beans of good. It will just victimize me further.

The fact is, they have a short list of donors, and they really don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

Well, I think if I’m still alive the next time their funding is up for approval from the city that I’ll make a stink.

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