Jul 27 2006

More month than money.

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, greenway, missions, robert norse

I ran out of money this morning, spending my last dollar for a cup of coffee. And my checking account is overdrawn $1.22. I think that must be the ATM charge at some store that they didn’t tell me about. But it’s overdrawn. I’m broke. And too chicken to kill myself. My mother sent me Continue reading →

Jul 16 2006

Raving Lunatic to the Rescue

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I’ve been trying for over a week now to go through my things. I don’t even know if I have clean clothes anymore. I either need to get clean clothes and my toiletries, or get my dirty clothes and launder them. I just sat down and tried to reply to the last email the wingnut Continue reading →

Jul 13 2006

I’ve had it.

I see I’ve posted since the first. I didn’t remember that and don’t plan on reading it. I don’t generally read anything after I’ve written. Not even my blog to ‘provide continuity’. Tim got my stuff from Coral street last Friday. I saw him today and told me ‘not to worry about it, it was Continue reading →

Jul 05 2006

Out of Coral Street

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July 4th. I went to the HUFF meeting last Wednesday, and there were several people there. One of whom was Tim, who offered to let me keep my things at his place, “for some time” he said. And offered to help me get them from The Concentration Camp. I didn’t check my email till late Continue reading →