Jun 16 2006

The Bum’s Rush

Posted by J. Craig Canada in banned, church groups, cleanliness, shelter, tickets

I think it was Monday I went to the Concentration Camp to shower and sign up for laundry, and found myself banned. Murphy engineered it. I suspect to a certainty that Murphy was one of three complaints Marcus said he received when I asked him why I was told I couldn’t leave the lot after I signed on to the church groups.

And just in passing I’d like to mention that beside medicating, I left because the atmosphere was so hostile and threatening, and dangerous, that I feared I couldn’t cope. Certainly, the stress was more than I could easily endure.

I think it was about noon I got to The Concentration Camp. I know when I got there I saw Murphy was in his locker. I checked and there was no one in line for the shower so I signed up, got a towel, and marked the shower with the towel and my hat while I took my baggage to my locker (thinkfully Murhphy wasn’t still there – I can’t use my locker when he’s using his – at his ‘insistance’).

When I got done with the shower Murhpy was just leaving his locker again. Not only did I need to pack clean clothes and socks and store my dirty laundry in a plastic bag in my locker, but I needed to find the ‘sitting-on-the-riverbank’ ticket. He interrupted me once. Seems I had to stop what I was doing so he could use his locker. When I wouldn’t stop everything a second time about 5 minutes later for him to ‘use his locker’ he got the lot manager. When I tried to explain to the lot manager what was going on Murhpy started yelling I was a liar and the lot manager refused to stop him yelling over me or listen to anything I had to say.

Now, previously Murhphy has slammed his locker door in my head.

I am supposedly banned.

It’s been five days now since I’ve had a shower.

I never found the ticket. My mother called Tuesday. I hung up on her as soon as I heard her voice. All I heard was, “Craig…” I couldn’t talk to her. I turned the phone off. I didn’t check my message for two days because I couldn’t deal with hearing her.

When I did check my messages she told me she’d paid the ticket. It was $137.50.

I think something most be wrong and they cheated her because when I looked up the ordinance the maximum fine was $50.

She sent me some new shoes. I got them just last week. They fit well. But I don’t have any clean socks, they’re all in my locker. The new shoes will be ruined in a couple of days. Even if I wash them (and that will probably ruin them) I’ll never get the stink out…

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