Jun 12 2006


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I had wanted to make a post about conversatoins I’ve had with people here and there.

Several weeks ago Bobby, for instance, offered to smoke a bowl with me to tell me he had been rejected from Page Smith for smoking marijuana. He said someone who lived there offered him some the night before, and he smoked it, and couldn’t lie to them on the interview the next day.

Bobby is a tall guy, deep voice, well spoken, from Upstate New York. You assume he’s from a good family merely from observing him. I did.

He’s one of the working homeless. Homeless services put him to work caring for the developmentally disabled, or something like that. Doesn’t pay him enough to live. He sleeps in his van.

I hear he’s a comic, and good.

He told me, as we smoked our pipe of friendship and peace, that he believed it was fate that he is homeless and he intends to focus on that when he goes back to New York and comedy. I think I replied, “Like Lenny Bruce,” and he said, “Something like that.”

He’s a gentle, kind person. Not the Lenny Bruce type at all, but I think he understood what I meant.

On the bus the other day a sweet little old lady, far too polite to ignore my baggage and my struggle to situate it and myself, asked cutely, “Running away from home?”

“Something like that,” I replied, and then told her I was homeless. And that I was homeless because I was a medical marijuana patient. She said she knew so many elderly people who were patients and didn’t dare mention it and were terrified they would lose their homes, and couldn’t I …lie.

I explained to her that my picture was in High Times 10 years ago and I’ve been far too public, that the horse was out of the barn. Though I didn’t tell her I’d filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and lost. And HUD.

She was very kind and suggested I tried the elderly legal office, or whatever it’s called. But I’m only 51, they only serve 55 and older.

There are some other conversations I’ve wanted to mention, but after being harassed every time I’ve been to the shelter for the past several months, they finally think they’ve found and excuse to ban me. And I guess they have.

It’s wrong. It’ a crock. But nobody cares and because of that they can do it.

I’ve been told I may not be able to use my locker, that I’ve been banned. I don’t have a clue how I’m going to shower. It’s really to much to think about now.

After being harassed and threatened there repeatedly every time I’ve gone there, they ban me. And they were hoping to set me off and have an excuse to get me arrested and put in jail.

Ron Cutler was there as I left. Very odd he should be there.

I was going to retype the entire episode here, but I really don’t want to dwell on it anymore. Here’s what I just posted on the newspaper’s website:

My perspective is they are about as petty and vindictive as I can imagine. After being harassed virtually everytime I’ve been there for months, today they used the pretext that I would not stop using my locker because Murphy, who’d been in his locker at least 3 times in the hour or so I was at the Concentration Camp complained that I wouldn’t stop looking for the ticket I got for sitting on the levee so he could use his locker.

Of course, the time before I took a shower and did laundry I was verbally assaulted by Tim yelling “I hate ***gots” for at least 15 minutes while I was trying to fold my laundry, with Betty sitting there ‘monitoring’ the health bay…and doing nothing.

When Tim started screaming he was going to beat me up, Marcus comes down and treats me as if I’m the problem because I’m yelling for them to leave me alone.

And the time Randy told me the top left dryer would be ready soon and I could put my stuff in there, and then when I’ve taken the towels out and folded them and am putting them on the counter, he starts taking his clothes out of the bottom dryer and putting them in the top one…

I guess Betty’s had a grudge at me ever since I started chanting Nam-Yo-Ho-Re-Ge-Kyo (or however it’s spelled) when she tried to have a gospel prayer meeting while we were waiting to sign on to the church groups…

I’m pretty certain Murphy was one of the people who complained about me medicating on the tracks after I signed on to the church groups…

Well, you’ll all be happy to know that so far as I know I’ve been banned, after being tormented by those petty little pieces of **** for a year…while you cheered them on.

Murphy yelled at me when I was trying to tell the lot manager my say…interrupting me, and the lot manager let him and refused to listen to what I had to say.

Well, just for today I won’t worry about …well, my locker, the stuff in it, where I’m going to shower. I’ll just think about how I came to Santa Cruz hoping to finally be left alone, only to be robbed and tossed on the trash and harassed and picked clean and …

…you don’t give a damn.

I’ve just had a smoke and, after running into Robert Norse on the street and taping an interview (which I probably shouldn’t have as mad as I was), I remembered I wanted to metion I had a chance to talk to Willie again. He was still angry about the way Homeless ‘Services’ treated him. And I should ask him again to make sure, but I think he told me after he told his landlord where he worked they raised the rent on him and then kicked him out.

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