May 16 2006

Time passes…

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, sleep deprivation, tickets, web publishing

I see it’s been over a month since I’ve made an entry.

Since then I’ve mostly been working on my forums during the day. I slept on the sidewalk in front of the book store behind a flower cart for two months. The rain finally stopped a couple of weeks ago, and I found a bush to sleep under for the past week or so.

The concrete was killing my back. The last two mornings I slept there I woke up with a severe back ache which lasted all day.

I got a ticket for sitting on the levee, on the riverbank, Friday at 4:20 pm. Looking up the citation I see it’s a $50 fine.

I worry about how much I spend, most of it for sodas or coffee so I can sit in cafes and use their wifi. Actually, it’s their electricity I want to use. I could sit a number of places and use the wifi, but finding a place to plug in is difficult, and I get less than an hour on my battery.

My mother called me on mother’s day. I hung up on her when she started crying…after I told her I thought about calling but we both got upset everytime I tried and I didn’t want to go through that anymore.

My wrists are giving out, from carrying the bags all the time I guess. But at least I don’t wake up with a back-ache now that I’m sleeping on the ground.

Sleep deprivation is a constant problem. Finding a place to sleep before sunset is virtually impossible, they’ve made sure you can see into every nook and cranny in the town during daylight, and it doesn’t get dark until 8 or so. And you must wake up before sunrise in order to avoid getting a ticket.

This morning I didn’t get out before I was ‘discovered’. This guy’s dog came running up, followed by the guy, who turned me on to a bowl of very nice bud. It was a pleasant surprise but I wonder if he didn’t give the ranger a call today…

…a lot of people smile and say hello to me. But I’m suspicious of all of them, that they’ll ‘drop a dime on me’ and I’ll have to find another place to sleep.

I’m getting by on about half as much marijuana as I was smoking when I was using Homeless Services, which makes me wonder if they were pinching my medicine at night while it was in my locker.

My wrists are so strained it hurts to pick up a cup of soda to drink.

And just a few minutes ago, when I was trying to do some work on my BBS, I kept nodding off. I’ve been nodding off during the day for the past several days – I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Luckily, I haven’t been attacked or robbed yet. This is something I don’t worry about as much now that I’ve actually been homeless and out in the town alone at night. I almost stepped on Patrick and Danny the other night. Turns out they were sleeping near me and I didn’t see them, but I did hear Patrick coughing.

I also discovered the first spot I was sleeping in wasn’t as secluded as I thought it was, that there was a big whole in the underbrush looking into it at one spot on the main path.

It’s embarassing to think someone might have seen me when I didn’t think anyone could.

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