May 25 2006

Rain stopped….now what?

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, Employment & Housing, greenway

The rain stopped day before yesterday. In the morning. By that point I was eager enough to get off the pavement that I didn’t wait another day or two for the ground to dry out. So last night was the second night I slept on the ground.

I woke up with a back-ache this morning, late. It must have been 7 or later. I was tired. It was nearly 3pm before I got to a place I could use the internet. I usually eat at the mission on Wednesday nights, since they serve free food and I need to save money. But I couldn’t face it tonight, and I had work I wanted to do on the internet.

I’ve been waking up to surfers on the ocean, and watching them an hour or so before I head for town and the cafe. And I just checked my bank account, it’s low. I’m probably going to have to borrow some more money to make it through to the end of the month. Maybe.

I spent money to eat this morning as well; a burrito and soda. And I didn’t feel like walking a mile or so to the ‘cheap’ cigarette store so I spent nearly twice as much for cigarettes as I should have.

…all of which makes me feel guilty, for spending more than I should have.

I spend at least $100/month for sodas/coffee so I can sit in cafes and use the internet. I could use the library, but it’s considerably further. One thing about my old squat, it was convenient to do the things I want to do, which is mostly sit somewhere and use my computer on the internet.

Monday I took a shower, and went by the pot shop to purchase more medicine. That took most of the day. The tread on my shoes is gone, and the bottoms are so worn it’s beginning to hurt my feet to walk in them. I bought a denim jacket, seems not more than a couple of months ago, and the shoulder just wore through from the strap on my shoulder-bag.

It’s amazing how quickly things wear out when you walk everywhere, carrying a lot of baggage. All day. Every day.

I found myself wondering how much longer I can do this – not much. And what am I going to do? Even if I make it through the summer, until the rain starts, the city passed their 15-minute-garage law Tuesday. So if I am here when the rain starts, if the armory is open, I will be in a virtual jail, and at their mercy…

I noticed the housing issue came up in Vermont. This was a much more sympathetic case than mine, a virtual paraplegic with MS living in a nursing home. Here’s a link:

On the way to the pot shop I saw Charlie, Moe, and Bob sitting having a smoke. They asked me to join them and I did. Charlie’s said his trailer for his bicycle had been stolen, in front of the library. It was unusual in that it only had one wheel, which made it much more maneuverable than the two-wheelers.

I’ve still got $6,000 to pay off before I can even think about looking for somewhere to live…what am I going to do? I’ll be very lucky if I can pay off $2,000 before the rain starts…

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