May 28 2006

Memorial Day

Posted by J. Craig Canada in cleanliness, shelter, Smoking & Public Use

It’s nearly 5:30 pm now. Just took me 4-5 hours to get cigarettes and then medicine, walking from one end of town to the other, and back. I had to stop and rest several times.

I borrowed money to have enough medicine and cigarettes to last me till the end of the month.

I was up for laundry at the Concentration Camp Friday, but couldn’t walk there by 10:30 am. I did get there about 1pm for a shower, which I sorely needed. Been 4-5 days, I guess.

My wrists have been going numb. My right wrist is going numb now, repeatedly as I type. And my left wrist goes numb while I’m carrying my laptop.

I see various of the homeless every now and then as I walk here and there. They are my friends. It’s amazing what a cast system we have when it comes to the homeless. Prince Tien tells me The Prophet Daniel has been seeing wearing my hand-brace for the last year.

They put Dan up for a couple of weeks at a sleaze-bag tenement in Watsonville, at their expense. I saw Howard the other day as well. He’s gotten a room in the same place. I think they have a 10pm curfew. He said you can’t have friends over. No kitchen. I think the only shower and toilet is on the hall…

Jason, who always yells “Mole Man!” when he sees me, is back. He has a Scorpion tattooed on his back.

Patrick, the Indian, told me he didn’t have liver failure and wasn’t going to die, as Emeline told him. So he says he’s going back to work. I guess he and Danny will get a place. He said he was examined somewhere else and they told him he was fine. He said the other place was going to operate. He’s afraid they were going to try to harvest his liver and wants to sue. 3 years of his life. I wish him luck.

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