Apr 10 2006

Bag Lady

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I guess I’ve been a bag lady for about a month now. Sleeping on the sidewalk, and carrying my sleeping bag in one hand, my computer over the other shoulder, and a pack on my back.

I don’t know what else to do.

Even so, I can’t afford to sit in coffee shops to use the WiFi all month. I spent $7 on coffee alone one day last week…

Stephon told me L.J. committed suicide, Thursday I think it was. That makes 3 people I’ve met at the shelter that are now dead from suicide. Demond and L.J. on heroin, and Kerri on Soma.

I’ve spent the past week getting a bulletin board online. You can access it at forums.palmspringsbum.org. That’s another thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time, that I’ve finally gotten done in the last six months – the other was to put my genealogy online in the new format, whith the additions from “The Family of Hoge” by 2nd cousin James Hoge Tyler, former governor (and lieutenant governor) of Virginia.

A boil came up on my leg a couple of days ago. That seems to happen when I wear the same clothes for several days and/or don’t bathe. It finally burst today and walking is no longer painful.

I’ve been sleeping in my clothes for the past month, I guess. Something I’ve never in my life done before. I suppose it’s a miracle I haven’t been robbed while sleeping.

The last time I took a shower it took four hours. Same with washing clothes. The fact is, one of the reasons I carry everything around with me is it would take me an hour to take it to my locker at the shelter in the morning and an hour to get it in the afternoon. And the lockers aren’t available after 5pm. It’s just not worth the trouble to go there twice a day. Besides, just thinking about going to that place puts me in a very bad mood.

I spent $70 for a quarter ounce of medicine last Monday. It will be gone before morning, having lasted me nearly a week. Which is pretty good considering I was smoking an ounce or more about every 10-14 days. I wasn’t surprised that the cheapest they had was $35/8th, and not much of that. I figured the $25 8ths would be gone as soon as the club got their liscense renewed.

My goal is to make it till the 3rd of the month without spening any money. And I guess that is going to be my goal for a long long time. I live to pay off my debts, and often ask myself why. But I don’t know what else to do.

A long-lost cousin found me through the genealogy and sent a nice message. Uncle Pat, on the other hand, did return my email but says he doesn’t want to talk to me till I get a job.

He accussed me of accusing him of stealing the land – which I never did anywhere. I thought about replying to his email asking for a cite of where I did that, but why bother?

Though I was kind of upset when Bob took my father’s desk before I had a chance to go through his papers. That wasn’t right.

But then, Bob accused me of killing my father. Now, I was in San Francisco when he had his stroke…

I had to force myself to make an entry. And I don’t really know why I do this. But here it is.

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