Mar 26 2006

Sweet Home Alabama

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I’ve been out of medicine for week. Out of money. Out of cigarettes. And all I can think about is the land and money my father left me. And how I might have stayed in Alabama and had a roof over my head and a place to live if it weren’t for my mother. If Continue reading →

Mar 21 2006

Why don’t you just shoot me?

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I haven’t had a solid hour’s sleep since Wednesday night. It started raining yesterday and it’s freezing cold out, and looks like it will continue for several more days. I tried to sleep in the doorway of a store last night but got too cold before I could nod off. Was in LuLu’s as soon Continue reading →

Mar 18 2006


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Dominoes is a jail game. A prison game. When I first arrived at The Concentration Camp, the one thing that stood out in the chaos was the domino table. It was an oasis of order. A beat-up old card table with a broken brace on at least one leg, surrounded by four old men. I Continue reading →

Mar 16 2006

And the moral is?

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It was difficult leaving the motel this morning. I was an hour late getting out. As I was dropping off the key and DSL cable the owner asked me how I was, and without really listening started rattling off about how I was better than she was. She was sick with the flu and had Continue reading →