Feb 25 2006

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Well, my tent was still there, undisturbed this time. Yesterday when I went back it was unzipped, like the ‘coon’ had been in there, about six inches at the bottom.

But nothing was disturbed.

And it wasn’t too cold.

When I got to the Concentration Camp to visit my locker Shannon was particularly cordial when she came sweeping by. Shannon is one of the lot managers, a job you couldn’t pay me enough to do.

Allan said hello as well. I couldn’t remember his name but the first time I was in River Street Shelter he was there as well. He asked me how I was and I told him I was camping or something like that and he asked why I didn’t go to the armory and I told him because they wouldn’t let me use my medicine…and asked if he didn’t remember the problems I had while in the shelter. He replied they let him take his medicine.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Oxycontin,” he replied.

“Isn’t that heroin?” I asked.

“Pretty much,” he replied.

“Yeah, I’ve been told more than once my problem is that I’m not on heroin,” I replied.

And I have.

I resolved to go to Greenway to see if I could get a comp bag.

The place was packed. Both the outer lobby and inside.

There were 3 people at the counter and 3 sitting waiting. I sat to wait as well.

I noticed the prices were better than the time before. That time the lowest they had was $40 an eigth. This time it looked like they had eigths for $25. I didn’t find out. I had resolved to see what I could get for $25-$35 but the person before me launched into this song and dance about how they usually came in here and bought but they took in a homeless person and they stole his weed.

And the nice-gray-haired-middle-aged-lady sweetly smiled and said no problem and gave him what looked like a nice quarter of choice bud.

By then two people were standing in front of me and someone told me I should have been standing all this time if I wanted to be next…

…and so I stammered I’m homeless and broke. And the nice-gray-haired-middle-aged-lady said, “We didn’t get here for free!” And gave me two little bags of tiny little raisins that looked like they’d been gleaned from shake and said, “Next time come in with some money and we’ll see what we can do.”

I was too stunned to say anything. The nice-gray-haired-middle-aged-lady said something about she didn’t know if I was homeless or not…

Now, I’ve spent $450 there since January 16th…but I didn’t know exactly how much at the time. (Wells Fargo has an excellent spending report. It was all right there under ‘Healtcare and Pharmacy’.) But I couldn’t walk up there and say “I’ve spent $300 here in the last month and I’m flat broke and I need some medicine.” Well, actually I was thinking about it, until the guy in front of me did his song and dance. And by the way, I only bought half as much as I would normally use. I’ve been doing without a lot lately.

picture of twenty ounces of prime bud in mason jarsI think about those lovely buds grown in the Victors’ back yard, behind the Temecula Creek Inn and Golf Club (or whatever it’s called) that I came here with.

As I was leaving the woman abruptly left and I believe I heard someone say “What’s wrong?” and the woman said, “Same old shit.”

I couldn’t help screaming, “Same old shit.” in the parking lot.

I must admit I was put off by the security guard telling one of the applicants in the lobby that “Out of respect for our neighbors we don’t smoke here.”

And I thought of how the City Council pitted us (Greenway and I) against each other by making it clear they intended to hold Greenway responsible if I continued to smoke at the fringe of Harvey West Park, the only ‘decent’ and quiet place anywhere near The Concentration Camp to sit in anything resembling comfort.

I don’t think not smoking in honor of the dead medical marijuana patients is honorable either. I guess it’s the kind of deal one has to make to get anything done in this town. I know Brownie Mary would be appalled. And a whole bunch of others I could name.

Like Jane.

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