Feb 17 2006

Out in the cold

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, Medical Marijuana, steve kubby

I finally got a shower yesterday. And it hasn’t rained yet, though it’s cold as Hell.

Charlie said there was frost all over the place last night. It must be a few degress warmer where I pitched my tent, still, it was cold last night. And when it rains I probably won’t be able to get to the path.

A couple of days ago when I got back to the tent the flap was unzipped about 6 inches at the bottom, and the package of jerky I left inside the tent was ripped open and lying out front. When I opened the tent nothing was gone, or touched, except the candy bar and the jerky.

I figure it must have been a coon.

Stever Kubby is much in the news, and The Marijuana Party is capatilizing on it. Today there was an item in the news about him wanting to challenge the sentence. Evidently, he’s claiming he has more rights if convicted of a felony than of a misdemeanor.

I envy him, in house arrest in Marin, certainly someplace warm, with an internet connection and plenty of marijuana. And probably lots of adoring friends and fans.

I wonder where I would be now and what I’d be doing if I’d cast my lot in with Emory. I suspect, from what I’ve seen that it wouldn’t be any different, except they’d have gotten to use me for some publicity.

My website isn’t working. I called Yahoo a couple of hours ago. They said it’s happened before. I can’t access the file manager or the ftp – which means I can’t even post this. I had significantly updated my genealogy and wanted to get that up at least.

Even as uncomfortable and frightening as this all is, my state of mind is better than it’s been in months. Perhaps years. I’m angry. Furious.

But I’m in a better state of mind.

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