Feb 23 2006

On top of old smokey

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, motels

Well, my website is working again.

The day after the coon got my food, when I returned to my tent, someone had taken it down. It wasn’t damaged, just taken down and lying flat. So I put it back up and got some sleep.

The next day I woke up and Sonny told me his tent had been ripped and someone near him had gotten red-tagged. As I sat there waking up a couple of people walked past with their gear – moving their camp.

Then it started raining. When the rain stopped I took an advance on my next disability payment and got a motel room.

Then I went back and took the tent down and brought it back to the motel, with the sleeping bag, tarp and blanket. That took 4 and 1/2 hours, in the rain. I couldn’t put the tent and stuff in my locker because the locker bay closes at 5, if not before. So the next day I walked across town again, carrying the tent, sleeping bag and etc., in the rain, to put the stuff in my locker. The sleeping bag was soaked by the time I got there.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the motels didn’t drop their rates this winter. The motel I stay at was $20 cheaper this time last year.

When I was visiting my locker yesterday I overheard one guy say they (homeless services) had ‘extra’ money and were getting him a place to stay and paying for it. And this morning I ran into David on my way to the toilet and he told me Puentes has a HUD program and would be getting him a place. He said they pay all the move-in expenses and 3 month’s rent. Actually, he said this was through HPHP. They never mentioned anything like this to me when I went to them some months ago. In fact, the first thing Laura, Marcus, and everyone else told me when I went to them for help was to leave town.

Well, I’m out of medicine, sleeping in a tent, and my credit is extended to the max and I’m just a couple of dollars away from complete financial ruin – and then I won’t have a bank account or a credit card and will be really, totally destitue.

I thought about trying to talk to someone at Homeless Services today because after hearing the guy bragging about getting a free place to live I wondered if they had something like that in mind for me. What Vicki said was, “We’re going to get you housing. You WILL go to the armory.” Well, I won’t go to the armory and wasn’t really interested in what else she had to say. Not then. And I don’t really want to ever speak to any of them again. In fact, I left Jack-In-The-Box yesterday because Vicki was there and I was too angry to eat in her presence.

I assumed Vicki meant they were going to force me to do without my medicine in exchange for a place to live. Certainly, that’s what ‘forcing’ me to go to the armory would mean.

David told me HPHP had a program called Puentes, funded by HUD, which provided housing for people with psychiatric disabilities. Well, HUD doesn’t accept medical marijuana patients in their housing.

Robert Norse, local homeless troublemaker, asked me to be on his call-in radio show tonight and I intend to be there. He asked me once before a week or so ago and my first thought was I don’t want to antagonize City Hall any more than I already have, but…I don’t see I have anything left to lose.

Indeed, I don’t have much of anything at all. All I had left was my credit and this laptop.

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