Feb 25 2006

Thank you for sharing

Posted by J. Craig Canada in camping, greenway, Medical Marijuana

Well, my tent was still there, undisturbed this time. Yesterday when I went back it was unzipped, like the ‘coon’ had been in there, about six inches at the bottom. But nothing was disturbed. And it wasn’t too cold. When I got to the Concentration Camp to visit my locker Shannon was particularly cordial when Continue reading →

Feb 25 2006

Down to the seeds and stems…

In Tales of The City ‘Baby Cakes’ at one point says, “I’m down to the seeds and stems…” Well, I know the feeling. The forecast is for rain for about 3 days starting tomorrow or the next day, and I’m flat broke and my credit is extended to the max. I can’t afford a motel Continue reading →

Feb 23 2006

On top of old smokey

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Well, my website is working again. The day after the coon got my food, when I returned to my tent, someone had taken it down. It wasn’t damaged, just taken down and lying flat. So I put it back up and got some sleep. The next day I woke up and Sonny told me his Continue reading →

Feb 17 2006

Out in the cold

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I finally got a shower yesterday. And it hasn’t rained yet, though it’s cold as Hell. Charlie said there was frost all over the place last night. It must be a few degress warmer where I pitched my tent, still, it was cold last night. And when it rains I probably won’t be able to Continue reading →