Jan 13 2006

Tough Love is abuse disguised as compassion.

Posted by J. Craig Canada in church groups, page smith, Twelve Step Groups

I only got 4 days on the church group (after staying in a motel for nearly a month) before Ron told me I had to “go to the armory”. This was after I’d arrived at the Concentration Camp about 2pm, and STOOD for nearly an hour to be in line and sign up at 3pm. It was 4:45pm, when the bus was just about to take us to the church that Ron told me I had to “go to the armory”. Now Ron and everyone else there knows I can’t go to the armory and why – because there is no way I can medicate there if I need to.

I had an appointment at Page Smith Community House yesterday at 10:30. Since I had to get a motel, I also had to leave long before checkout time and walk half an hour to get to the Concentration Camp. The interview took about 5 minutes. When the woman started asking about ‘my sobriety’ I told her the 7 years I’d spent ‘sober’ in A.A. were the most miserable horrible years of my life. Frustrated with the direction of the questions I told her I was a medical marijuana patient. Now, I told them that when I put my name on the list, but evidently they failed to note it, while nothing everything else I’d told them.

She told me she was sorry, but they don’t take medical marijuana patients.

She wasn’t sorry. She didn’t give a damn.

Well, I’ve had all the abuse (tough love) I can take.

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