Jan 12 2006

The beating goes on…

Posted by J. Craig Canada in motels, Santa Cruz

I just checked, and the last tim I posted was December 19th.

Well…I did post once after that, but not in any detail about what was going on with me. I stayed in a motel from before Thanksgiving till, pretty much now. Seems everytime I went to the lot and stood around for an hour to wait, and then stood in line and got signed up, just before the bus left for the church they would tell me I had to ‘go to the armory’.

Like Ron did today.

I got to the lot about 2 or so, and there were no chairs. So I (and a bunch of other people, probably about half of them) had to stand…and stand….and stand. After I’d stood for an hour or so, Bob grabbed a chair someone had abandoned and gave it to me.

A few minutes later, it was time to stand in line. I got signed up, and then got my sleeping bag, and computer, and pack ready, and sat and waited another hour and a half for the bus. At 4:45 Ron tells me I have to go to the armory.

Now, he knows my situation. Every damn person on that lot knows I can’t go to the armory and why. Of course, we all know the reason they’re doing this is to run us (the homeless), and probably me particularly, out of town.

That’s certainly how it feels. And judging by the response I got on the local newspaper when I posted The Buds of Wrath, it is what it feels like.

I spent those weeks in the motel room with the door closed, working on my website and my genealogy.

I only got four days of not having to pay for a motel room before I had to do it again. Gotta love his town. And the rooms are $20 more than they were last year, almost double. Guess they knew they could soak the poor and disabled over the holidays, and during the rainy season.

Their poster-boy head monitor for the armory was fired several weeks ago because 3 other monitors…that he had selected…refused to work with him and signed complaints of witnessing elder abuse and homophobic abuse.

But if they were worried about abuse, they wouldn’t make those poor people stand out in the rain for half an hour…for absolutely no reason at all, would they?

I truly never seriously wondered if I’d died and gone to Hell until I was lured here, and then assaulted and robbed and thrown out in the street…to be constantly harrased and threatened and humiliated and ABUSED.

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